Introduction to the Mystic and Intangible

The messages read through the cards, are received intuitively.

What is intuition? Is it magic or something that all can tune into?

Intuition is… to be in tune with the Being Simply You that speaks soundlessly through your heart.

It is valuable to recognize this inherent capacity as your power because this Being Simply You speaks in each of you. The messages given in our readings come from the wisdom received from our bond with heart-self, also called life-self. To be in tune with this reality within, is being intuitive. Intuitive messages come from the sounds of feelings which are the language of the soundless sounds of life expressed through each one’s heart. These nudges and hunches come to show you the way to be happy; on how to respond to situations, people, and experiences and for that it helps you know- how to think, behave and act during each moment of your day.

The way to connect to life’s voice within requires that you go into the silent space within you and sense and listen to the feelings. The messages received in complete clarity from the life-self you, is your intuition and we hope that you will tune in and connect to yours.

Through the chatter of body life, through everyday tasks and chores that make you think, this voice is easily drowned, and that is why a lot of people make it seem like it’s unique, but it isn’t. It is there in each one. It’s not that some people are special. Each one of you is special; each one holds the capacity to be intuitive.

You are life, and it is life that connects to you through your being. When you are able to sense, recognise and use your will to turn away from heads voices, is when you bond and flow with life. These inner sounds communicate to you each moment so you can make choices with awareness. They don’t tell you about results or whether you will get a promotion etc. but about what to prioritise, how to make solution-based choices, about acts that shape your attitude and which will define you…and really make a difference in your life...

Card Readings

Under the guidance of Pratibha, each healer has tapped into their innate intuitive capacity and is adept at receiving messages through cards, for anyone who is looking for answers. Our goal and intent through card readings is that these messages help you center in your heart and that you be led to the exact solution and understanding that you may need in the moment. You might be able to sense and feel your Masters and Universal Beings of light (Spirit Guides/Higher self) as you connect to these readings.

Guides and the Higher self don’t give predictions…they offer valuable insights, gems of compassion that show you the way to remain balanced and stable through the ups and downs of everyday life. The message are meant to act as your compass, so they show you the way forward in times of conflict and confusion.

Each of you are the Creator of your life, your choices are your own, and if you want...then you can use the clarity received from these readings to make those choices. These choices could be about your relationships, work-life, family, career, etc. How you use the inputs from your spirit guides - is in your hands.

You have been led here, to our messages- so you listened to your heart, to your intuition and we are so very happy to walk with you.

Card readings are offered as per your choice :-

General understanding about where you are at the moment (present) and what you can do (solutions) to be where you can be (tomorrow) happy and peaceful.
You send us specific questions regarding your situations and you get insights and the answers that lead you to resolutions.

The charges vary according to the detailing required in the reading.

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