One of the most incredible gifts provided to everyone on this planet, is the power to Choose. What you choose, you receive...unconditionally.

The vast majority of us are using our power to choose "unconsciously" below our conscious awareness.
The power to choose individually is often limited to obvious choices as a "surface level form of power": about what to think, what to say, where we work, what we eat, the clothes we wear, when we go to bed, etc. Each and every minute of every day, whether on a conscious or subconscious level, both individually and collectively, we are choosing the inevitable outcomes that appear as the circumstances and the environment of our life. How do we make choices that will enhance the quality of our life? How can we live an inspired life? What does it mean to live an inspired life? Who will tell us, guide us…

Loving Life shares through their E-zines, wisdom they receive intuitively.
Reading these powerful words and applying these consciously in our lives, helps each one connect to the voice of their hearts. It becomes easier with this practice to quiet the noise of the world inside our heads. A conscious utilization of our power to connect to the wisdom which is ever present in our hearts, will enable and empower us to create and experience a kind and quality of life that harmonizes with those choices.

1. Loving Life Inspiration

Loving Life Inspirations is a weekly E-Zine in English and Hindi.
These messages are received for all seeking answers and a direction. Let these light up your path, bring strength and inspire you.

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Audio Message : Recordings of Inspirational messages are available on Sound cloud. You may access then by clicking on the link

2. Being Inspired for ages 10-15 years

Being Inspired’ is a monthly e-zine for children, in both English and Hindi.
Children are pure but get influenced by the perceptions and the prevailing circumstantial environment around them. Through these write-ups, we share short stories and thoughts, which will inspire and help children stay with the highest strengths and virtues in them. The intent behind our initiative is to gently direct their young minds so they are gainfully motivated and make choices about their behaviour with clarity. The essence of the sharing will enable them to create happy and healthy relationships with themselves, family and friends and live from a place of freedom and joy.

To SUBSCRIBE, simply click and the language option on the box. BeingInspired@lovinglife.in with the subject SUBSCRIBE or simply click on the box.

Mindful Living

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Our weekly rejuvenation day is Sunday, where we hold meetings in English for everyone. The meetings are held in Hindi at the centre on another day of the week. The sessions are introspective and based on wisdom shared with us by the founder of Loving Life, Pratibha.
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DISTANCE ENERGY HEALING: Our team of Light workers send distant powerful spiritual healing energy to those in need. Pets and animals respond beautifully to healing energy and you can also send in a request for them if you need.
If you want us to send energy healing to you, to a loved one or to anyone in need,
Email: lovinglife@lovinglife.in / InspiredLiving@lovinglife.in

Call us to enquire, meet or to participate in our programs. It will surely be well worth your time and ours in every way.

Guided Healing Meditations: There are powerful guided meditations for adults and children available online through our website.

Access them by via the link. Children’s Meditations

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