One of the most incredible gifts provided to you, me and everyone else on this planet, is the power to Choose. What you choose, you receive...unconditionally.

The vast majority of us are using our power to choose "unconsciously." below our conscious awareness.

The power to choose individually is often limited to obvious choices as a "surface level form of power", about what to think, what to say, where we work, what we eat, the clothes we wear, when we go to bed, etc.

Each and every minute of every day, whether on a conscious or subconscious level, both individually and collectively, we are choosing the inevitable outcomes that appear as the circumstances and the environment of our life.

A conscious utilization of your power to choose will enable and empower you to create and experience a kind and quality of life that harmonizes with those choices.

Loving Life Inspirations is a weekly mailed channeled messages from the Universal/Compassion Consciousness, which we all understand as guides and masters. These messages are received for all seeking answers and a direction.  Let these light up your path, bring strength and inspire you.

Loving Life Inspiration messages are also in Hindi, and will be mailed out shortly to all who seek to subscribe to these.

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Being Inspired for ages 10-15 years

Being Inspired for ages 10-15 years Being Inspired’ is a monthly e-zine for children.

Children are pure but get influenced by the perceptions and the prevailing circumstantial environment around them. Through these write-ups, we share short stories and thoughts, which will inspire and help children stay with the highest strengths and virtues in them.

The intent behind our initiative is to gently direct their young minds so they are gainfully motivated and make choices about their behaviour with clarity. The essence of the sharing will enable them to create happy and healthy relationships with themselves, family and friends and live from a place of freedom and joy.

Joyful Living everyday quotes

These simple and short little quotes of wisdom received for youngsters are inspiring and uplifting. They can be shared with youngsters to keep them connected to their strengths and virtues.

Mindful Living

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Our weekly rejuvenation day is Sunday, where we hold meetings in English for everyone. The meetings are held in Hindi at the centre on another day of the week. The sessions are introspective and based on wisdom shared with us by the founder of Loving Life, Pratibha. The team facilitates these group interactions where each one talks about how they made simple conscious choices which brought a change in their state and in their life. It is a wonderful way to open up and understand the twists and turns life throws at each one and how it is possible to manoeuvre oneself and remain the driving force that steers life in the direction desired.

The motivating articles from the Inspired Living and the Loving Life Inspirations, are chosen for these sessions, to be read, absorbed. During the session, each one shares what message or piece of wisdom they have received from the article.

These weekly sessions help dissolve your energy blocks in mind, physical body and emotions by submerging you in a powerful energy field and you feel relaxed, calmed and recharged. Regular participation strengthens you to maintain and reflect a calmness in all interactions and enhances the quality of your life overall.
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Inspired Living Articles

  • Breaking Barriers

    Barriers are often created by our beliefs and conditioning. We are taught certain things from our childhood, most of it is what the society follows. Some of it might be useful, but not all of it.

    Earth has become a plane of beliefs. The beliefs are so strong that their energy has made a very strong impact on people. Being a part of the ‘belief system’, these beliefs are never questioned. Some of the man- made beliefs are: only academics to be taught in classrooms, learning is only through books and only in schools, the physically old are wise, earning money is a sin,  a white-covered person is wise and a saint, parents have all rights over their children, marriages are made in heaven and heaven is somewhere else, God is out of reach, God punishes sinners…and so on.

    Rigidities of the physical plane- wanting to control everything has led to these hardened misleading beliefs.

    Barriers are created by our thoughts which, when used repeatedly, become a belief.

    Supposing you make a mistake in calculation. Someone calls it a ‘silly mistake’. This thought “I make silly mistakes”, reverberates in your mind. It becomes your affirmation. Constant repetition at a subtle level makes you believe in it. As a result, you continue to make more mistakes. And this thought strengthens. The more energy you put into the thought, the stronger it becomes. It then, becomes a belief.

    Questioning everything that is being taught, is important. It is a quality.

    One must have his own reason to follow what is being taught.  The reason for not questioning is that you are being complacent and do not want to become self-reliant. So, you follow what is being taught and remain unaware that you need to make efforts to understand it.

    Questioning does require courage as it may cause loss of approval and appreciation. So, courage to communicate and to accept others’ reactions is needed.

    Questioning comes from AWARENESS- which thirsts to understand… ‘Do I really need to do it? Where will this lead me to?’ Outcomes are not important; but how the act of doing it will affect you, is important. Will you feel happy, will you be yourself? Do you really want to do it or you do it to please others?

    Ask these questions to yourself. The answers will give your soul a direction for growth. The soul/ energy essence in you wants to expand. And the body has to make complete effort. The choice has to be made consciously.

    Make a conscious decision to break your barrier of beliefs. What good are they doing to you? Question each belief. Can you not make choices of strength and progress without the barriers of beliefs?

  • Awareness and Choices

    Beliefs were made when humans started losing connect with their heart’s voice.

    The heart always guides you right.

    Believe every situation comes with a solution just like you believe that in-breath will follow the out- breath. The solution, is not always as you have expected. It can be very different. But on understanding and executing the resolution- you always emerge stronger. If the solution is with the underlying intent of pleasing others- fear of disapproval then, it has not come from the heart. If it is for your growth, it will polish your virtues and make them shine bright.

    When you stopped listening to the heart’s voice, you felt you needed outside guidelines. So, rules and laws were made. Society was created out of fear. Hierarchies were created and a false sense of dependency was created. Everyone was made to depend on everyone else.

    Look at nature. Who makes rules and laws for them? Is there any police to punish the trees, or traffic police for the birds in the sky? What if they crash into each other? Why aren’t there brawls between birds? Who makes rules and laws for them?

    Humans have elections for choosing a leader, it gives them a false sense of free will and power of choice.

    Choices are always made for the self. You are your own leader; there is no other leader required. Every person was created in the likeness of the Creator, who you commonly understand as God. Everybody was like Him. But you chose to use your power of free will by choosing the artificial realities of the physical plane. Why would He make anyone less or, anyone else more? Each has his individual qualities, each one flourishes in his own way. There is no requirement of any leader.

    Clarity comes from asking questions. It wakes up your AWARENESS.

    Ask yourself, or anybody you feel who can help you. But it does not mean you have to believe in every answer that the other gives. Does the other’s answer resonate with you? If you are not fully satisfied with the answer, then keep asking it within, you will get an answer.

    Sometimes the answers and solutions lie in regular everyday interaction that you do. You must be able to identify the signs from the Universe. Help is always given to those who ask for it with faith. Unquestioning faith.

    Choose to listen to your heart, become your own leader. Don’t aspire to lead others. Everyone has the capacity to lead themselves. They can make strong choices for themselves. If you really want to then, set an example.

    Is it hard to understand how to drive a vehicle on the road so that the movement of traffic is smooth? Do you really need rules for everything? Why not go by your intuition? It is much more powerful.

    Not believing in intuition- something that is beyond logic; is also a belief on this plane. People are misunderstood if they do something intuitively. It is at times termed as ‘whims’. However, something that inspires you from within, you dream of it; can never be a whim. It is ‘seen’ by others as so.

    At every moment the choice to trust the heart’s soft and subtle voice is yours.

  • Communicate with Awareness

    How do we communicate? What is communication?How can we speak what is on our mind?

    How does one express one’s thoughts and feelings honestly and freely? How does one speak up for one’s own self (what we want to) without feelings of guilt of hurting another or differing from the other? How can our expression not turn into an outburst or a volcanic eruption or venting? What do we have to be aware of?

    When you want to speak about something that has upset, bothered or not felt right with your thoughts , first ask yourself – what has unsettled you and why has it upset you?

    Did you have an expectation from the other person that   he should agree with your view unquestioningly and disregard his own thoughts? Just as you are entitled to your opinion, so is he. Each one comes from their own experiences and perspectives. Difference in opinions will be there.  It is important to understand your own intent behind the exchange. Is there a higher or noble intent behind your view? Are you trying to inspire the other in some way for his own good or are you trying to impose your view- point on him?

    We can never change the way someone thinks- by force and nor should we.  We must respect the free will of the other to choose his thoughts for himself. We need to learn to let others be as free as, we would like them to let us be. 

    So, to be completely true to your SELF all that you can do and must do, is to convey what you feel, perhaps by saying just that. “I understand that we may not agree, however this is what I felt…..” After saying that, you step back.

    True communication is when our focus is only on our being kind to our own self; it is never about the other.

    The other person may or may not agree, may or may not share his view, may or may not want to have anything to do with this matter. It is perfectly alright to convey what you felt urged to, you listened to what he had to say or not say. In doing so, you have acknowledged and paid heed to and followed your heart.

    The other   maybe in complete disagreement with your thoughts, perhaps retort   in unkind ways; that is their choice. You have done your part in communication and their view point has no relevance to the conversation/interchange anymore.

  • Being True to Yourself

    Effective communication is about knowing what not to be a party to or when to step out of any exchange. Do not take in other people’s thoughts that you know are unkind or don’t serve any good.  Just as you do not keep your door open when someone empties their trash, why would you allow your ears to bring in anything less than positive?

    Whenever you find a particular situation overwhelming, it is best not to react at that moment. Be good to your own self by withdrawing and not saying anything that you will regret or be unhappy about later.  Use any polite dialogue and state, that you need time to think things through and that you will discuss when you feel ready, if at all.  Either way, you have conveyed your truth without drawing into yourself, the undesirable vibrations of the situation/circumstances.

    Many of us are influenced, rather controlled by this the righteous sense of responsibility to reform the other…the society…the world…

    The only one we can truly change, and even that requires so much effort, is our own self. We cannot change another. You may inspire another to try your way because he sees the transformation and its effect on you. However, whether he  notices or not,  is not for us to fret about .

    You need to listen to your heart and do what you want to do. Sometimes our path may not be clear to us and we mayfall into the trap of the ego consciousness, the body-identity loud voice. In that case, there will be natural consequences that may not be favourable.  Retrace your steps and reflect to see where you faltered. Rectify from there,make another attempt and surely you will get it right.

    We share what we experienced with another, in case the other is facing a similar situation so he is cautioned, and gets clarity about his choices. We do not interfere even if we can see the other heading for a downfall. You share and speak what you have to out of compassion. Then you leave it for him to use his free will.

    The Creator Consciousness does not interfere in man’s free will.

    Be free in your ‘expression’ of love, but remember not to suffocate yourself or another with the huge mass of expectations. Express gratitude, be kind in your speech, and be clear and simple in what you say.

    Love is not about giving attention, or embracing the other neither is it about repeated voicing of your feelings. Love is acceptance, it is allowing the other to be free just as you want to be. It is not a bargain nor is it a barter, trying to change the other.

    Please know love is a ‘state’ of unconditional acceptance. It does not change like the weather.

    It begins with you….and ends with you. It is accepting yourself- with your strengths, flaws and weaknesses; recognising with dignity your strengths, and learning to refine those weaknesses gently patiently and persistently. 

  • Looking Within

    Once there was a panhandler who sat on a street corner begging for spare change from passersby. Every day he sat on the curb with a ripped and tattered cardboard sign on which he had scrawled "Help. Please."

    He held out his sign to one and all, while at his feet lay a black bowler hat into which they might place a coin or a bill. If people were generous he was sometimes able to beg enough for a hearty meal within a few hours. But if people were stingy he might sit all day and receive almost nothing.

    And so it went on…until one day, a shiny white limousine pulled up to the intersection and stopped at the red light. “Here's my big chance”, thought the panhandler. So he stood up and walked toward the limousine holding his sign in one hand and his empty hat in the other.

    Slowly the window rolled down and he saw the broad smiling face of a grey-haired man.

    "Help me please," begged the panhandler.

    "And how may I do that?" asked the man in the limousine.

    "Anything helps," said the panhandler.

    "Anything is rather vague. What is it you want?"

    The panhandler thought of the quarters and dollar bills he usually received and hoped for something more. "How about ten dollars?" he said.

    "Come now," smiled the man. "When you came into this world you had aspirations and dreams. You must want more than that. What is it that you truly want?"

    The question set the panhandler back, but he thought quickly because he knew the traffic light was going to change and the opportunity would be lost.

    "I want what you have," he answered.

    The answer made the man in the limousine smile. As the traffic light turned from red to green the man said, "I'll be back tomorrow to grant your request." Then with a wave of his hand the car pulled away and disappeared amidst the cars, taxis, and buses on the roadway.

    “I doubt it”, thought the panhandler to himself. He was used to vague promises by strangers that went unfulfilled. So he shuffled back to the curb and resumed his regular position, hoping that someone might be more generous than the smiling man in the limousine.

    For the rest of that day, and much of the following morning, the panhandler begged help from the strangers who passed him by. With so many passersby, the panhandler's thoughts of the man in the limousine soon faded away.

    So he was very surprised when the gleaming white limousine returned. This time instead of rolling down the window the grey-haired man opened the door. "Hello," he said as he stepped from the car.

    "I didn't think you'd come back," admitted the panhandler.


    "I recognized your plight and I want to help," said the man who wore a pure white business suit. "I was once as you are now, begging for handouts and scarcely hoping for something more. Now I am a successful spiritual teacher and I want to give you a most special gift."

    "That would be great," said the panhandler.

    "This gift is so special that it will help you with all you desire," said the man as he leaned into the backseat of the limousine to retrieve it.

    "This is my lucky day," thought the panhandler as his mind raced with images of bags of money, mansions, yachts, and private planes.

    But the panhandler's smile sagged in disbelief as the spiritual teacher emerged from backseat of the limousine.

    In his hands he held a wooden box. It was the size of a milk crate and it had a sturdy lid. The box was old and worn and covered in specks of paint that looked as though they'd flake off at the slightest touch.

    The old man held the box with great reverence. "This was mine when I felt as you do. It was the key to unlocking all of my happiness, freedom, and success. I want you to have it that you may enjoy the very same."

    "Er, thanks," mumbled the panhandler as the man gently placed the worn and battered box in his hands.

    "Use it well," said the spiritual teacher as he climbed back into the limousine.

    With another smile and a wave of his hand, the man disappeared behind the mirrored glass. The panhandler returned the smile and the wave as the white limousine pulled away and merged into the steady flow of vehicles on the road.

    The panhandler looked at the box in his hands. It was heavier than he expected and quite well made. Some gift, he thought. Maybe it will bring me good luck like it did for the old man. Even if it doesn't at least I can sit on it instead of sitting on curb.

    So the panhandler sat on the box and went back to begging. That day proved to be a very good day. He collected more money than he had in long time. He ate well that night and praised the spiritual teacher in the limousine.

    But the next day proved dismal and the panhandler went hungry. Maybe this thing doesn't work, he thought.

    Fortunately, the next day proved better and he regained hope. So the panhandler lugged the box to street corner the next day and the next. Day in and day out, he carried the box to and from the curb as the pattern repeated itself. Some days he enjoyed prosperity and other times he went without.

    And so it went for the panhandler, who sat year after year begging upon that special box until all the paint had flaked off and the lid was worn smooth from his sitting on it.

    Years later, he again met the spiritual teacher.

    "I remember you," said the teacher. "You're the one I gave the box."

    "Yeah," said the panhandler. "And I'm here to tell you that it didn't work. I was a beggar before I met you and I was beggar afterwards. My life never changed."

    "How did you use the box?" asked the teacher.

    "I sat on it," answered the panhandler.

    "Sat on it?" said the teacher. "Dear One, what you needed to do was to look inside."

    Is that not the strangest thing!

    Judging the shabby exterior of the box, the beggar never thought there could be anything of value inside.

    We are so carried away by the looks and appearance of other things, people and situations- the outward glamour of things, we assume that there is nothing of value within. So often, we are so focused on looking at what is outside of us that we neglect to look within, at the bounty that we are.

    Here’s yet another tale…


    The Creator gathered all of Creation and said, “I want to hide something from the humans until they are ready for it. It is the realization that they create their own reality.”

     The eagle said, “Give it to me, I will take it to the moon.”

    The Creator said, “No. One day they will go there and find it.”

     The salmon said, “I will bury it on the bottom of the ocean.”

    “No. They will go there too.”

     The buffalo said, “I will bury it on the Great Plains.”

    The Creator said, “They will cut into the skin of the Earth and find it even there.”

     Grandmother Mole, who lives in the breast of Mother Earth, and who has no physical eyes but sees with spiritual eyes, said, “Put it inside of them.” And the Creator said, “It is done.”

    We have all been created with beautiful virtues and the potential to learn even more. Polish the crystal that you are…