One of the most incredible gifts provided to everyone on this planet, is the power to Choose. What you choose, you receive...unconditionally.

The vast majority of us are using our power to choose "unconsciously" below our conscious awareness.
The power to choose individually is often limited to obvious choices as a "surface level form of power": about what to think, what to say, where we work, what we eat, the clothes we wear, when we go to bed, etc. Each and every minute of every day, whether on a conscious or subconscious level, both individually and collectively, we are choosing the inevitable outcomes that appear as the circumstances and the environment of our life. How do we make choices that will enhance the quality of our life? How can we live an inspired life? What does it mean to live an inspired life? Who will tell us, guide us…

Loving Life shares through their E-zines, wisdom they receive intuitively.
Reading these powerful words and applying these consciously in our lives, helps each one connect to the voice of their hearts. It becomes easier with this practice to quiet the noise of the world inside our heads. A conscious utilization of our power to connect to the wisdom which is ever present in our hearts, will enable and empower us to create and experience a kind and quality of life that harmonizes with those choices.

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2. Being Inspired for ages 10-15 years

Being Inspired’ is a monthly e-zine for children, in both English and Hindi.
Children are pure but get influenced by the perceptions and the prevailing circumstantial environment around them. Through these write-ups, we share short stories and thoughts, which will inspire and help children stay with the highest strengths and virtues in them. The intent behind our initiative is to gently direct their young minds so they are gainfully motivated and make choices about their behaviour with clarity. The essence of the sharing will enable them to create happy and healthy relationships with themselves, family and friends and live from a place of freedom and joy.

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Inspired Living Articles

  • JOY OF GIVING (Loving Life Inspirations)

    What is Giving? An expectation of receiving?

    Do you give to get? Do you give to feel that you are superior? Do you give to feel approved? Do you give to keep holding on to people, so that they don’t leave you and go?

    Or do you give, just to give. Do you give just because you know that you have plenty?

     You’ have plenty to give because you recognize Him in you. When you recognize Him, you have the awareness that there is plenty…then why hoard?

    But, will you give to make the other happy? Of course, you feel good if the other is happy. But is that what motivates you to give?

    The only motivation for giving, is the joy the ‘act of giving brings to you’.

     It’s a feeling which cannot be overpowered or surpassed by any other feeling. When you have experienced this within you, you have recognized the Creators essence present within you. Then, only the joy becomes your motivation.

    Then, do you really want anything in return? What will you get in return that will match the feeling of joy within?

    Take inspiration from the soil. We admire the flower, but have we looked at the soil and ever recognized how it holds the roots of the plant…how it gives nutrition to the plant?

    Even though we appreciate the beauty of the flower, does the soil stop giving? It doesn’t, because giving, is joyful for it.

     Humans have their fixed, compartmentalized notions of giving. Giving can only happen in this way, say, gifts and cards. Giving can only be to these people- close ones, loved ones or ‘the poor’, to get a ‘high’ of the Ego.

    A pure, innocent smile of an infant is so heart touching, it brings joy to the person looking at the infant. Even this smile is giving. A patient listening, a word of encouragement, a pat on the back, a kind exchange of words, everything is giving. 

    Should a doctor only give to his patient, should a teacher only give to his students? Can medical advice not be given to a person genuinely seeking it? Can the alphabet not be taught to an ignorant, who did not have the privilege to go to school like the teacher did?

    What makes humans hold on to their resources?

    Is it lack of trust that if they don’t hoard, they will lose it? If they give it for free how will they earn?

     Asking for something and not giving it out, is greed- be it wealth, or be it knowledge.

    Give what you have. Receive it from Me… within you.

     The soil keeps holding the building which was built by removing a part of the soil. It gives clay to the potter, mud for building houses in villages. It is a shelter for animals. It is a utensil cleaner for tribes.

    Has it restricted its giving only to the plants?  It has heartily accepted every opportunity to give. 

     So, don’t restrict your giving. You do not know how much you have, what you can give and where all you can give.

    Don’t doubt, don’t hoard. Just Give. 

  • OWNING YOUR THOUGHT (Inspired Living)


    We allow our self to be a prisoner of others' thoughts, acts and behaviour. We reflect an amoeba-like disposition that reshapes post every interaction. Our belief that the outer is the controlling factor of our lives is the vital drain causing our disempowered feeling and state. When we do not own our thoughts, we are not free. 

    We generally talk like this...

    1. I get really angry when my spouse does this...

    2. I can't think straight when my employer doesn't want to hear what I say...

    3. I have to dress this way because all my friends....

    4. I cannot say No because they will feel bad... 

    5. I really don’t like to go there, but I have no option out 

    6. It is pathetic that our government doesn't take care of xyz. I feel very sad when I hear about the violence and the lack of.....

    As you read these words can you experience the feeling of lack of choice? Can you feel the powerlessness?

    It is possible that all of what is said is correct. So is it okay to allow our self to feel low and unhappy because......? (Above statements opened below)

    1. I choose anger over acceptance when my spouse….

    2. My state is dependent over the others’ acceptance of xyz of mine...

    3. I believe I am under a compulsion…I choose to ignore my own choices and adopt other people’s...

    4. I do things that I don't want to because I fear other’s displeasure. It is fine if I don’t enjoy, but others must not feel so by my act or choice. 

    5. I put my heart's voice down, forget about my responsibility to myself and ignore the power of choice. I believe it is best to complacently follow others ways and avoid any confrontations. I understand suppression of my choice to be in flow.

    6. My sadness or happiness swings every moment with the environmental influence. I focus on the outside and feel a loss of control and unhappy.

    When we get involved in conversations and thoughts like these we behave as if we are living in a house that has a lot of open doors and windows. Every opening gives access of our power to the passer-by and we keep swaying in our state. Our reliance on family, people or events to make us sad or happy keeps our house fully open. 

    Our power is in our awareness of choice that we can use to break free from the pull of the likes of such thoughts. There needs to be a recognition of our inherent capacity and power to choose which will seal the drain of our energy resources and keep our house protected.  

    Freedom lies in our choice to look away, remain centred and decide 'the outer is not under my jurisdiction. I can check only my thought and behaviour. My focus must inwardly always remain on my heart’s voice and my choice of thought must be monitored consciously.’ 

    Choose to break free of imagined ties and experience the state of joy.  

    This week observe how your old thoughts trap you in similar conversations. Pause and listen to your heart. Choose to consciously withdraw and change the direction.

    Love yourself. Choose to remain aware and observe the game. Keep smiling.

  • COMMUNICATE WITH AWARENESS (Loving Life Inspirations)

    How do we communicate? What is communication?How can we speak what is on our mind?

    How does one express one’s thoughts and feelings honestly and freely? How does one speak up for one’s own self (what we want to) without feelings of guilt of hurting another or differing from the other? How can our expression not turn into an outburst or a volcanic eruption or venting? What do we have to be aware of?

    When you want to speak about something that has upset, bothered or not felt right with your thoughts , first ask yourself – what has unsettled you and why has it upset you?

    Did you have an expectation from the other person that   he should agree with your view unquestioningly and disregard his own thoughts? Just as you are entitled to your opinion, so is he. Each one comes from their own experiences and perspectives. Difference in opinions will be there.  It is important to understand your own intent behind the exchange. Is there a higher or noble intent behind your view? Are you trying to inspire the other in some way for his own good or are you trying to impose your view- point on him?

    We can never change the way someone thinks- by force and nor should we.  We must respect the free will of the other to choose his thoughts for himself. We need to learn to let others be as free as, we would like them to let us be. 

    So, to be completely true to your SELF all that you can do and must do, is to convey what you feel, perhaps by saying just that. “I understand that we may not agree, however this is what I felt…..” After saying that, you step back.

    True communication is when our focus is only on our being kind to our own self; it is never about the other.

    The other person may or may not agree, may or may not share his view, may or may not want to have anything to do with this matter. It is perfectly alright to convey what you felt urged to, you listened to what he had to say or not say. In doing so, you have acknowledged and paid heed to and followed your heart.

    The other   maybe in complete disagreement with your thoughts, perhaps retort   in unkind ways; that is their choice. You have done your part in communication and their view point has no relevance to the conversation/interchange anymore.

  • BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF (Loving Life Inspirations)

    Effective communication is about knowing what not to be a party to or when to step out of any exchange. Do not take in other people’s thoughts that you know are unkind or don’t serve any good.  Just as you do not keep your door open when someone empties their trash, why would you allow your ears to bring in anything less than positive?

    Whenever you find a particular situation overwhelming, it is best not to react at that moment. Be good to your own self by withdrawing and not saying anything that you will regret or be unhappy about later.  Use any polite dialogue and state, that you need time to think things through and that you will discuss when you feel ready, if at all.  Either way, you have conveyed your truth without drawing into yourself, the undesirable vibrations of the situation/circumstances.

    Many of us are influenced, rather controlled by this the righteous sense of responsibility to reform the other…the society…the world…

    The only one we can truly change, and even that requires so much effort, is our own self. We cannot change another. You may inspire another to try your way because he sees the transformation and its effect on you. However, whether he  notices or not,  is not for us to fret about .

    You need to listen to your heart and do what you want to do. Sometimes our path may not be clear to us and we mayfall into the trap of the ego consciousness, the body-identity loud voice. In that case, there will be natural consequences that may not be favourable.  Retrace your steps and reflect to see where you faltered. Rectify from there,make another attempt and surely you will get it right.

    We share what we experienced with another, in case the other is facing a similar situation so he is cautioned, and gets clarity about his choices. We do not interfere even if we can see the other heading for a downfall. You share and speak what you have to out of compassion. Then you leave it for him to use his free will.

    The Creator Consciousness does not interfere in man’s free will.

    Be free in your ‘expression’ of love, but remember not to suffocate yourself or another with the huge mass of expectations. Express gratitude, be kind in your speech, and be clear and simple in what you say.

    Love is not about giving attention, or embracing the other neither is it about repeated voicing of your feelings. Love is acceptance, it is allowing the other to be free just as you want to be. It is not a bargain nor is it a barter, trying to change the other.

    Please know love is a ‘state’ of unconditional acceptance. It does not change like the weather.

    It begins with you….and ends with you. It is accepting yourself- with your strengths, flaws and weaknesses; recognising with dignity your strengths, and learning to refine those weaknesses gently patiently and persistently. 

  • A LITTLE BIT AT A TIME (Being Inspired)

    A young man decided to visit a country known for its uniquely gifted artists. The hope behind his journey was to find someone or something, to help him find meaning to questions that lived in his heart.

    After settling in at a small hostel, he went walking through an expansive outdoor bazaar where hundreds of artisans displayed their works.

    However, everything seemed commonplace; just another dead-end. What now?


    He kept walking, leaving the noisy bazaar far behind him. And that’s when his ear caught a light tapping sound from the other side of an old wooden fence. Coming upon an open gate, he peered inside.

    A young woman was seated in an open courtyard surrounded by various stone sculptures of wild animals. Although these creations were not entirely complete and were in various stages of completion, they already exuded a remarkable presence.

    Just then the young lady stood up, and pulling a little hammer out of her apron pocket, she walked toward a large stone that was perched on a work pedestal.

    After careful examination of one small area she rapped it — just once –with her small hammer. She used so little force, he felt sorry for her timidity.

    “Surely, she must be a novice”: he thought.

    His eyes couldn’t believe what happened next.

    Suddenly dozens of small pieces of stone broke away from the sculpture. At first he thought she made a mistake and had cracked the whole stone; a moment later he knew otherwise.

    She had not ruined the stone; instead, she had released its secret character.

    With that one blow, she had not only uncovered a beautiful white marble-like material, but had shaped it to resemble the graceful neck of a great swan. He was stunned. What magic was this? He longed to know.

    Entering the courtyard, he said: “Please forgive me, but how in the world did you do that with a single blow from your tiny hammer?”

    “Oh”. She laughed.

    “I’m guessing you’ve only been there for the last few minutes. Before you began watching me, I had delivered hundreds of similar small blows to the exact same spot on that stone. You saw the result of many days of careful work coupled with a special kind of quiet consideration.”

    As they shared a smile and said goodbye, the young man knew he had learned an important secret.

    Dear one,

    With concentrated attention and persistent effort you can remove whatever now stands between you and the freedom which your heart seeks.

    That’s how all great things are achieved- a little bit at a time – until the right time comes when that work is rewarded. Then nothing can stand in the way of what must be released.

    The great Italian artist, sculptor, architect, and poet Michelangelo had said:

    The sculptor's hand can break the spell to free the figures slumbering in the stone.

    The sculptor in the story sensed the beauty of the swan’s neck; with focus and perseverance, she released the shape from the stone.

    Each one of us carries within us the potential we are meant to be. We are the sculptors of our ‘selves’- with careful chipping away of the layers of sad and weakening thoughts and conditioning, we can be the graceful humans we are meant to be.

    Nature has a rhythm, it has a flow…it takes its time. The flower bud blooms into a flower, the seasons change over gradually…no rush, no hurry. Trust in this flow, persevere with awareness and listen to your heart guiding you on your path.

  • OVERCOMING FEARS (Loving Life Inspirations)

    There are all kinds of fears.

    Fear of the dark- scary movies, caves, going into a forest to hunt at night; going in a maze; rides in an amusement park; jumping from heights; driving at great speeds…physical challenges that sometimes give a rush.

    Then there are emotional fears about caring for another, which makes us feel vulnerable, asking for help, expressing and sharing our fears with another…These come from the body identified thoughts from the conscious mind

    Fear of the unknown…death, God, sinning….stepping out of your comfort zone…making choices for yourself that are not ‘approved’ of by your family or society…

    So: Which fears are important to overcome- how does one decide on the fears to be ‘tackled’- do we have to ‘fight’ all fears…?

    What could be a guideline or a checklist for this?

    Someone maybe excited about jumping off a plane…Another maybe planning an ‘enjoyable’ experience of getting locked up in a maze…

    But is overcoming these fears a priority? Is it a life and death situation for the person facing them? Is it of significance to me?

    Is it helping me become a better version of myself as a human being? 

    Am I becoming kinder, and more loving and accepting of myself and others?

    Or am I remaining in a victim mode and looking to blame and be angry?

    I have to deal with the fears in my life that are stopping me from living and carrying out my life purpose. There is no need for all the answers, for that stops being aware and in acceptance. 

    I have to be kind and compassionate towards my inner feelings, so I can emerge powerful to carry out the work that will nourish my soul and help me share my light and wisdom. 

    Any fear that hinders my movement towards refining my virtues, or acquiring new ones, has to be dealt with. There is no one-upmanship involved. 

    E.g. I may want to be an artist to make me feel fulfilled in life... to be able to express myself fully and freely. Maybe it requires me to speak to my father and mother about my choice, as it is their decision that I go for medicine/engineering.

    Facing this opposition requires my courage and my compassion to express this kindly and not be arrogant. 

    Expression and clear kind communication is a priority because then I live my life with my free will, and I am ready to take responsibility for my choice.

    Whether I jump off the CN tower in Toronto or not, is really immaterial. I don’t have to prove to anybody that I am brave. However, if I am in the Army, I probably have to deal with a lot more of these physical challenges.

    Being sick and feeling sorry for oneself, is lack of courage. Understanding that the ailment in the body is because of my weak thoughts is important here, and I have to identify those thoughts and work on those fears. 

    Dare devilry is not an indicator for courage. 

    Doing daring acts to prove that I am brave or wanting proof that the Divine loves and protects me, is a weak and egoistical intent.

    You will surely be protected by the Universe at all times, when you are sent out to do the work that you receive as guidance from the Highest. 

    You must have that faith and surrender. That is important.

    I am in you and in each one around you.

    Forms are different but the breath is given/breathed by me…LOVE and ACCEPT ME IN OWN SELF AND IN ALL.

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