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Inspiration and motivation are the goodness already present in your heart, which is the seat of your spirit that IS life- the real You. Living in tune with the sounds, the compassion filled wisdom of your heart-self, is spirituality. The effort made through Loving life’s emailed messages, posts on social media, and services, is to enable you to make choices that drive you, make you glad to be alive. They support you in attuning yourselves to the mystical inner relationship with your true Self.

It is our wish that all understand, know, that each of you holds the power to make deliberated choices, ones that give direction to a relaxed mind, body and your day. Reading these words and applying them in your lives, will get you to listen to your feelings, the soundless language of the power that is within your being. The simple discernment inherent in these messages, sparks off the connection to the wisdom which is ever present in your heart, so you can create and experience being satisfied and happy.

Loving life shares through their E-zines, words and clarity that simplify your everyday living.

Voice of Silence

Voice of Silence messages are small nuggets of insights that throw light on the perpetual tussle between the voice of head and the subtle knowing, of sounds from your heart. The intent through these messages is to open your eyes to the two voices that are ever present in you so you can know and choose the one that is compassionate and encouraging.

These words shared though emails, are of the founder, Pratibha, from her own experiential gain and alignment with life…in her being.

Let these light up your path, bring awareness about living intentionally, so you remain the power behind the shape of your experiences and your life.

Build and nurture your bond with life's compass in you.

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Being Inspired (Age 10-15 years)

‘Being Inspired’ is a monthly e-zine for children, in English.
Children are pure but get influenced by the perceptions and the prevailing circumstantial environment around them. Through these write-ups, we share short stories and thoughts, which will inspire and help children stay with the highest strengths and virtues in them. The intent behind our initiative is to gently direct their young minds so they are gainfully motivated and make choices about their behaviour with clarity. The essence of the sharing will enable them to create happy and healthy relationships with themselves, family and friends and live from a place of freedom and joy.

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Mindful Living
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Inspirational Reflections

A weekly rejuvenation day is offered by our healers on Saturday or on Sunday, online or in person. These meetings are conducted in English, and are based on wisdom shared with us by the founder of Loving life, Pratibha Malhotra, through the Voice of Silence messages and her words on our Facebook page, Being Simply You.

Open to anyone who is keen to grow, these sessions help you understand how to reflect, and integrate the simple pearls and live from their goodness within. It is truly beneficial and enables you to find solutions to everyday issues and situations. The sessions are interactive in nature and the facilitator(s) shares through own experiential gain and application and how it has made them and their lives happier.

Guided Healing Meditations: There are powerful guided meditations for adults and children available online through our website.

Children’s Meditations

Voice of Silence

  • Choose Mindfully

    What thoughts are you emitting? Are you strengthening light or the darkness?

  • choice

    Fill your time with what makes you feel good about yourself

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