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Writing with a Difference

Let's learn to be patient and mindful to create, refine and present our ideas, views, and thoughts coherently with this wonderful program 'Writing with a difference'.

The session will be held once a week, every Thursday, November, 15 onwards.


Program Fees: Rs. 5000/month

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Crystals and Posters on Sale

Crystals have healing properties and help in transmitting and transmuting energy, facilitating protection and balance in your energy field.

Our crystal grids, angels and other crystals are charged with very high vibration energy and are extremely powerful. We have a selective range of crystals which are most useful for healing purposes.

We also have posters containing Inspirational Messages. These messages keep you fresh and gives you the required motivation to live life in strength.

They are available for purchase in Loving Life Wellness Centre.


Good Health is the result of free flow of energy throughout the field. Weak thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perspectives cause small dark spots on the field through which energy leaks and one feels heavy and depleted.

Clearing and balancing our energy fields brings lightness and energises you. 

We use energy based techniques and crystals to help enhance the flow in your aura. 

Gift yourself this wonderful cleansing and a state of expansion.



Selecting a career needs to be done with passion and enthusiasm, as there are multitude options and professional demands that have to be understood and met. A career provides various opportunities for an individual to grow and inspires one throughout life. Life is a gift and to be able to do everything we enjoy is the key to being happy. 

Our role is of utmost value to the budding minds. When the choice is made thoughtfully, recognising the individual inherent capability, it is truly a gift one gives to oneself. It is imperative to recognise the areas of interest and abilities one carries and we help the youngsters identify these through our interaction. With our assessment tools and deep understanding of human personality, interests and aptitude, we enable each one find a person- job environment fit. This clarity and raised awareness about the world of work, one is comfortably able to make informed choices.

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Intuitive messages through Card Reading

Loving Life announces Intuitive card reading for those who are seeking answers about life. They connect you to your strength; enabling you to understand the choices that will resolve your issues and reorient your life towards happiness.

It is because we are unable to understand the language of the Creators voice in our heart that we face conflict in life. We get so caught up in life that we are numbed towards the incessant signs sent our way for our good.

The Creator guides us through the voice of our heart. This soft and gentle voice of the heart gives direction and helps us gain clarity about decisions, and course of action to be undertaken. Why has the situation manifested? How to keep your focus and strength and persist through it?

Through these readings, you will receive guidance, inspirations and solutions, so you can orient your life towards stability and happiness.

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Inspirational Reflections

Loving Life hosts a weekly group interaction where the participants share their understanding of the pre-decided Inspired Living message.

The focus in these reflections is about nurturing an inner bond with one’s own strength, clarity and determination. It helps each one expand their belief system and enhance thought vibrations. The looking within is naturally healing and helps dissolve many a doubts and confusions bringing a lightness.


Each meeting ends in a Guided Meditation which leads to integration of the clarity gained.



Venue: Loving Life Wellness Centre , Alaknanda, Delhi

Time: 10.30am- 12.00pm.

Contact @ 9811023357



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Being Inspired’ is a monthly e-zine for children.

Children are pure but get influenced by the perceptions and the prevailing circumstantial environment around them. Through these write-ups, we share short stories and thoughts, which will inspire and help children stay with the highest strengths and virtues in them.

The intent behind our initiative is to gently direct their young minds so they are gainfully motivated and make choices about their behaviour with clarity. The essence of the sharing will enable them to create happy and healthy relationships with themselves, family and friends and live from a place of freedom and joy.

Please send a confirmation to BeingInspired@LovingLife.in

Ongoing E-courses

Our e-courses are not just courses, but a step into your consciousness which bring answers and clarity about your life.

The content from each course is yours to read and reread as many times as you need and at your own pace.

To enroll for any of these e-courses, please register and clear the formalities by 25th of current month. The e-course introduction and lessons will reach your inbox starting from the 1st of next month.

Make your wellbeing a priority.

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Thoughts, Vibrations & Human Consciousness

Loving Life joyfully launches its first Video Course. 

This very powerful course was recorded when Pratibha conducted and shared this wisdom recently. It has so much clarity about and life that it was turned into a video for people to receive it from anywhere in the world. It is not just a course it is a pure experience of vibrations.

You can watch the recordings at your pace and even download the handouts.

Love yourself. Gift yourself this understanding. 

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Inspired Living

Inspired Living messages are embedded with deep wisdom, which are received from the Creators voice in our heart. 

Applying the wisdom in our daily life will enable us to change our weakening thoughts to uplifting ones. This requires making a conscious choice with persistent effort. Experience the shift you feel within yourself. Let it shape you and your life for your highest good. 

Keep on the lookout for our shares here and on Facebook.

We have these in English as well as Hindi. You can subscribe for any or both.

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Loving Life Sparkling Stars: facebook group (for 12 years - 17 years)

This group is specially created for young ones aged ( 12-17 years) who feel the need for a direction to know how to be more confident, clear and focused in their work and enjoy life through all they do. The content of this group is relatable and meaningful for children of younger age group (9 -11 years) as well.
There are so many thoughts, voices, and options, what to do, which one to choose? Here you will find answers and solutions to choose and understand what is the best for you. 
Team Loving Life makes this effort to help each of you grow into compassionate individuals who learn to live a fulfilling life using the compass of the inner guidance. You choose and create your life, you remain the director of your life and sparkle with your own light. You become shinier and only radiate joy. This will spread into each aspect of your life. You will feel wonderful about yourself, your relationships will strengthen. Everything will feel and be interesting and you will feel ALIVE.

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Individuals with unique developmental characteristics from what is believed as the normal developmental milestones, who need to be trained in skills that naturally emerge in other people, are called individuals with special needs. Anyone who might need extra help because of a medical, emotional, or learning problem have special needs because they might need medicine, therapy, or extra help that others don't typically need or only need once in a while.  

Our work:

 With Individuals:

- Feel calm and focused

- Experience happiness and freedom

- Unite with their strengths

With Parents, teachers, Caregivers:

- build environment of acceptance

- Understanding and management of behaviour

- Skills development

- Find solutions to parenting dilemmasOur work:

 With Individuals:

- Feel calm and focused

- Experience happiness and freedom

- Unite with their strengths

With Parents, teachers, Caregivers:

- build environment of acceptance

- Understanding and management of behaviour

- Skills development

- Find solutions to parenting dilemmas

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Being Simply Happy FB group for adults

Being Simply Happy is about being happy in life. The way to be so is by being aware of the thought choices you make.

Individuals who seek to know and understand life and are inspired to make efforts to   bring the desired shift are welcome to join the group.

Through this group, Team Loving Life shares their inspiration and experiences,and how they applied the wisdom in their life. The source of this wisdom is our Mentor and Guide, founder of Loving Life, Pratibha Malhotra.

What is of value in this group is it doesn’t have just words, it has experiences of living with wisdom in every happening in daily life.

When you engage with the words shared as posts, you bring life to them and you become alive and happy.

We share our simple ways of ‘being happy’ through this group. Join us to be a part of this journey.

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Meditation is a beautiful way to align and experience a symphony of silence in your being. Dance Meditation is a guided journey into the depths of your self through movements and music . Guided dance meditation helps in loosening the body, clearing the mind and connecting to the spirit.

Experience a meditative state through dance and feel a reunion with Joy and Enthusiasm.

Enjoy feeling whole and complete.

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