Feedback on E-Course and Inspirational Reflection Session

Inspirational Reflection sessions and BYM course has been like a guiding light for me. There were few significant aspects of myself that I was ignoring earlier. I used to become sad about the trival situations easily and used to overthink about them, which also includes the behaviour of others which were not in my control completely and the times when I used to take charge of others behaviour and wanted to control or change them. I used to call myself as a very emotional person who is easily cried. The point of blame for being so emotional and for my sadness or worries was usually used to be on the outer situations, others or I used to criticize myself for anything. I was mostly critical and unkind in my thoughts for self with a desire to be better, but less efforts manifesting through my actions, it was like pointing an index finger outwards, and ignoring the orientation of four fingers inwards.


After the course and regularly attending inspirational sessions, my focus is gradually shifted to my inner self. Now, I acknowledge myself, my emotions, nurture myself and my soul. I focus more on what is in my control, and the acceptance that I cannot change the behaviour of others completely, but I can change how I respond to them, and understanding that, seeing my responses, they might or might not decide to change their behaviours. I have learned to become calmer each day by creating the pause between the external situation and my response to it. Definitely, I am not able to do it all the time, but yes the awareness has substituted the ignorance most of the times. This Guiding light fills me with love, joy, peace, empathy, confidence and empowers me. 

It has taught me to love myself and to spread love to others irrespective of who they are. My life-self or the voice of heart is now becoming the guiding light to choose my actions. 

 Everything seems beautiful and full of love with the journey of Loving Life and Befriend your mind course. 


 VS, New Delhi

Inspirational Reflection and Meditation Sessions

From past 1 months I have been the constant participant of Sunday Session conducted by Loving Life. It's one of a kind experience which help one to realise and navigate the thought process which in result helps in better processing of outcome. The session is a blend of people coming from different section where they share their own experience and how they have dealt with any particular situation. There is a use of dialectics in this process with no accustomed hierarchy which helps in realising oneself with union maintain the individuality of opinion.

In the present COVID situation where the cases of Mental Health is in surge this platform provide a great help and support for maintaining calmness and healing the life process. It is often said that communication is the key and by allowing the participants to share their part of the story this helps in realising the virtue of communicating one's thought and feeling.

Strongly recommend for one's who are a VIVID THINKERS who investigate life beyond the surface and always try to find out where about of the situation. It helps one take closer to their own authentic self and make them realise their own age old prejudices and helps in accepting the environment as it is. 

~SS, New Delhi

Feedback on In person healing sessions and workshops

I am a 25 yr old woman. Since the last 5 months, I have been attending Sunday guided meditations and have taken personal healing sessions too. I also attended art workshops twice. The experience has been phenomenal. It is not just that I feel better during the activities, but when I am working on the lessons learned from the activities, I am feeling great positive changes in my being. I have learned to look at life with a new perspective and now whenever a difficult situation comes I positively think of what this is trying to teach me and how it is going to help me in growing as a person. Thank you Renu ma'am and Loving Life. 

PS, New Delhi

Workshop with Parents of children who have special needs

It was a great experience. It gave me the encouragement to keep going. I also gained clarity about short and long term goals and how to step by step work towards them. I also learnt that it is important to give oneself priority once in a while.

IG, March 18, 2018

Inspirational Reflections

All my gratitude to the organizers of today’s meditation session for connecting me so beautifully, spontaneously and most lovingly to my inner being. Loved every moment of it. Thank You

PP, New Delhi, July 15, 2018

Parenting Workshop

Being a high achiever and CBSE topper of my school, it was easy to have high expectations from my son. It was easy to keep comparing his grades with my own impeccable academic track record.

It started with ‘hand-holding’ to ensure that he doesn’t fall (in terms of grades) but I just didn’t realize when my grip tightened so much that I, unknowingly, scuttled his independence and shattered his self-confidence. The inevitable happened – his grades kept falling! He was at his lowest ebb when Renu Ma’am walked into our lives, as a guiding light.

It was difficult to understand where I had gone wrong. It was difficult to realize my follies. It was difficult to let go…. But she made everything very easy, for me and for him!

Her counseling has been more than an eye opener; she has helped me transform not only as a mother but also as a person. I realized that I’d always been very tough on myself – a hard task master. However, it all just back fired.

Through ‘Loving life’, I’ve learnt to love life and love myself.

I am a writer, but today I feel as if I’m falling short of words. All I can say is

“Thank you”.


In person Healing Session

Thank you to you ma’am, for the wonderful session we had yesterday. Yesterday I felt very light after sharing everything with you. Since a very long time I had been longing to talk to someone and was not able be talk stuff out.

Yesterday after talking things out with you of course I felt light and the session was amazing, it really worked for me. Within me I felt strong forces pulling my lost self together. It was like magic, specially when I closed my eyes I could feel something positive and something like electrons flowing throughout my body gushing with energy.


Parent's feedback on Writing Workshop
Thank you for conducting these writing classes... She's is really enjoying them…and I'm sure they'll help her enhance her writing skills


In person Healing Session

I am really grateful to Renu Ma’am for helping me in overcoming my fears and helping me to turn into a new leaf. She helped me to discover my true passion and helped me in overcoming my weaknesses.

I attribute my resurrection to her. I would’ve probably slipped into a depressiondue to the biggest breakdown in my life. Sometimes, I still wonder how she was able to skilfully pull me out of darkness. She helped me face my academic problems and I was able to fight my fears with double the power. It is because of her that I have been able to find my true calling. She not only instilled confidence in my own abilities, but also guided me in stream selection.

I love to attend her sessions; though they last for an hour, they have a long lasting effect. The impact of these sessions is miraculous – I feel re- energized and absolutely rejuvenated. Her sessions are like power banks which make my days glorious.

To sum it up, I would like to thank her for all the support and empowerment she has given me.



The best part about the course is that you get to do it at your own comfort. There are no timelines, no pressure to finish within a certain time frame. That is what helped me. I could read the lessons as many times as I want to. You get time to focus on yourself. Every time you read it you ponder more on your thoughts, beliefs, you are more aware of your being. You know yourself a little before than yesterday.  It gives you the highs and lows too, it opens up your thoughts, but that is what self-acceptance is about. I'm going through too many mixed feelings and emotions. The course messages uplift me. 

I have seen a change in myself, which is really a big one. I have calmed down a lot, be it with my parents, my sisters, or my daughter. I have also stopped reacting to people and situations by 30-40 %, working to make it a 100%.

The e-course helped me when I had lost all hopes of a direction for my life...

Thank you ever so much. S.S New Delhi. October'17


Life Healer workshop in July/Aug 2017

The first thing that I remember about the workshops is the love that I felt. The love and compassion healed me. No time existed. I seemed to experience for the first time what being in the present meant. There were no thoughts and worries. I experienced so much of healing in those sessions that I felt it would liberate people so much, like it liberated me. They were magical moments. Each moment was precious. I can heal because I have experienced healing. 

I remember how you held my hand and helped me face the fears which I was so insecure about myself.  And I have felt so much more strengthened after that! It was not just gaining knowledge; it was empowerment, with which came a sense of freedom and lightness..

Along with the theory sessions there were many practice sessions that helped in gaining confidence. There were discussions after each practical session which gave us insight into what practical challenges we might face while doing a session and how to overcome them. There was also a regular recapitulation of the material taught. All our questions were answered. The non judgmental space made it comfortable to share any doubts, and each doubt was clarified.

Even after the workshops, when I shared any session that was done.guidance was promptly received. 

Thank you so much for everything 

PC, New Delhi, July/Aug 2017.  

Feedback on the E-courses

I have done the first two e-courses and am now on my 3rd one. The e courses are so powerful and have helped me a lot in my self- growth and progress. The words are simple yet deep. Every time I read them, I found a new meaning. Whenever I have staggered in my journey I would ask for help and I received the guidance. The weekly lessons gave a purpose to everyday of the week. I kept trying to do as had been guided in the lessons. It helped in developing more understanding and lead to inner growth, which gave me confidence and composure.

Thank you so much. PC, New Delhi, October 2017.

Feedback on Thoughts, Vibration and Human Consciousness workshop
It was a very different workshop....I got to know much more about the mind...conscious, subconscious...how thoughts and vibrations impact the body and our mind and how we can consciously change our thoughts and attitude. The meditation done at the end was very very relaxing and gave me immense peace.
Happy to have attended the workshop, AB, New Delhi

Feedback on 'Thoughts, Vibrations and Human Consciousness' workshop

There is so much beyond the physical world! I realized the power of thoughts after doing the workshop. It was very enriching and took me so deep within myself. I gained an understanding of what is mind, how the subconscious works and how we manifest what we think. We always have our free will to choose and when we choose with strength and wisdom, we evolve as human beings. Thank you for this amazing experience and wisdom. PC, New Delhi, August 2017.

Was Unhappy with life, Shoulder pain

Dear Ma'am,

        My life has been  completely  changed  after associating with you. Whether it's meditation or a session with  you I have gained a lot every time l meet you.

I had a shoulder pain for the past 4 years and I used to feel that I had a heavy load on my  shoulders, in the life healers workshop in one of the past life done by it was shown that stones were lying all over me. These stones  were removed from my body and I was made to forgive the person who  had caused the damage. Since that time the shoulder pain has completely gone and I don't feel any heaviness on my shoulders, I would have spent so much for curing this pain. But it had all gone in a single healing session. 

During the  workshop mam used to conduct a group meditation. The feeling obtained from these meditations cannot be expressed in words. Sometime there would be a pull which I could feel  in reality. Sometime there would be a sensation around the hands. In one of the meditation my throat pain was cured. 

It is always a blessing to be around you Her words  of  wisdom  have paved way for my growth. Every time we have a workshop or meditation with her we have so much to learn and gain.

No words are enough to express what I feel for you and have gained since I met you.

UK, New Delhi, September 2017

Workshop "Giving my best" with Teachers
This workshop helped us to know/learn more about ourselves both personally and as an educator. It has given an assurance to us that we are doing our best in whatever way we can. This has made us realize that we need to give ourselves the affirmation that we need to celebrate ‘Me’ as ‘Me’. This experience has really prepared us to unburden ourselves and believe in our inner being. We loved this workshop. Thank you so much for giving us a whole new outlook on working with our immediate environment and a new perspective of our lives.

Workshop "Giving my best" with Teachers
The workshop by Ms. Pratibha Malhotra was insightful. The session helped us to look within and question our beliefs. It made us think who we are,what we are doing and why, whom are we doing it for and how are we doing it. We were encouraged to think whether we are in alignment with ourselves and are we doing enough to nourish and nurture ourselves. Many questions were raised in our minds. A few were answered and many have sparked a desire to explore further.

Workshop "Giving my best" with Teachers
The workshop, ‘Giving My Best’, took us through some thought provoking questions that helped us delve into our psyche. Hitherto unexplored areas of our subconscious were visited and what emerged for each one of us to see face to face that which required our loving attention and ultimately healing.For some of us, the journey within had just begun and for others, it triggered a chain of thoughts that helped in diving deeper.It was an inner journey that helped to introspect where we need to work upon ourselves and experience the joy within.

Workshop "Giving my best" with Teachers
For us Pratibha’s session became very special as we were able to reach within ourselves. Somewhere our ‘I’ was getting lost in the layers of the roles we live during our life. So many times we are so pulled, pushed and stretched thin with our different roles, that what is expected out of us, what our responsibilities and duties are, what the society has given us completely overshadows our own wishes, our dreams and our happiness. The guided meditation was beautiful, because when we met our pure, inner little self we could genuinely feel the love minus all emotional baggage. Our little self, encompassed and gave us so much strength, acknowledged our adult version that had forgotten to love itself.Our grateful thanks for such an insightful workshop.

Workshop "Giving my best" with Teachers
It was nice to be reminded that our first priority should be our own self and we can give to others only when we ourselves are full. Also that we can find the real ‘me’ against someone else telling us who we are. Getting to know about the ‘conscious’ and ‘subconscious’ mind was enlightening. ‘ I am different ’ from my role felt liberating. The healing meditation was ‘healing’.

An Ezine subscriber

Dear Pratibha,

Thanks for such an empowering message at the very start of the first day of the New Year.

I would like to extend my immense love and gratitude to the whole team Loving Life. You are doing a fantastic job of touching the most innate and sensitive chords, thus helping us love the life we are gifted.

I have personally experienced a lot of positivity through your messages. I am fearless because I know I always have your guidance to lean on whenever and wherever I need to. 

Honestly, I have been able to figure out the root cause of many day to day issues through introspection. That's because just the right message to me at that time from these mailers. The universe is amazingly synced. 

I am very grateful to everyone around me and for everything I have. 

Thanks Sheetal for introducing me to the invaluable and unmatched light of wisdom through self-awareness. SM, Bengaluru. Jan 2017

Mindfulness workshop with Teachers
The workshop conducted by Ms. Pratibha Malhotra helped us to understand the intricacies of the mind and how beliefs and habits control our lives and inhibit us from giving our best. Nurturing our body and mind is a prerequisite if we want to contribute effectively to our community and therefore the commitment to spend time with our self...... this is the understanding that dawned on us.

FEEDBACK ON 'Inspired Living' ezine
Thanks so much for this piece of wisdom. I often try to keep calm but eventually falter in an agitated environment; and there follows a series of further confusion leading to stress. I have realized that this calmness is superficial and that is why I flounder every time "For the calmness we think we hold is a temporary state of self- control and is superficial. The dam will burst sooner or later depending on the outer trigger." This article has reinforced the fact that true inner calmness can be attained with a conscientious effort. "Begin by remaining your own subject at all moments and this in itself will bring a level of calm. Recognise what your environment is trying to show you about you." Loved it and I am seeing a difference. SR, Bengaluru.2016

FEEDBACK ON 'Inspired Living' ezine
From our subscriber since 2015 : I was trying to write something , an official assignment. Not a word for the past few days cos I wanted to write the perfect proposal which just cannot be rejected. An hour ago, again, was mulling ....nothing....so whiling time..surfing the net..and then went to my unread mails. YOURS was pending...and after reading it the blockade dissolved,am ready n raring to pen down. I love you for what you are and what you are doing. SB, Delhi.2016

Healing with Pratibha Malhotra
Meeting Ms. Malhotra has without a doubt being one of the more significant things that have happened to me in my life. She has, in a true sense, been a friend, philosopher and guide. The techniques she uses to clear up even the biggest of doubts are only part of her ability to heal - it is her willingness to listen to, understand and empathize with the situation that really makes every interaction with her magical. This ability makes it easy to confide even the biggest of problems with her. I have gained tremendously from my meetings with her, and have no doubt that I will continue to remain in touch with her for a very long time to come. I'm extremely grateful to her for the changes she has helped me bring into my life. Pk, 37 years, Feb-2016

'Detox in Silence' a mini retreat
Yesterday was a very nice day...really enjoyed with all the knowledge. Whatever I shared with and the explanation that you gave made sense to me. And the thing which is still resonating in my mind is that I have to separate my ego mind whenever a situation arises and I don't have to absorb their thought process. Even I have seen that I get so much involved what the other person says and then that irritation starts. So I will have to keep separating my ego mind behind.AT, Gurgaon.2016

'Spiritual Reiki' workshop Jan/Feb 2016
A two-day 'almost residential' workshop on Spiritual reiki can sound quite daunting to anyone of us, immersed in the daily grind of highs and lows in money, work, family and other relationships. So it was with a mixed feeling- with trepidation, whether i was 'qualified' for spiritual anything..., and yet with a surrender, having experienced the magic of silence in the Sunday meditations with Pratibha- that I signed up. The experience is indescribable... guided meditations with soft music....lots of spontaneous laughter...some mischievous giggling...release of pent up and overwhelming emotions...so much love, some pain too...quiet talks...listening to Pratibha's gentle teaching.... each of the pauses becoming stiller...a sense of peace and love pervaded the atmosphere... Though there was sadness to leave the 'home' we had experienced these two beautiful days, it is with a strong sense of purpose that I left the venue...to journey on...feeling empowered. RV, New Delhi

Anger, restlessness, Fears .
Curious about the whole subconscious mind, I went ahead for hypnotherapy sessions to learn what was beneath the surface. Why was there anger and reasonless crying? Why was I in pain in different parts of the body? Reiki helped a lot, transformed my life…but I could not understand the answers given by my body, mind and heart. And I wanted to hear what they had to say. I had many sessions and each time another layer would peel off and I would go deeper in. It was last year that I went with a friend to Pratibha. We sat in her healing room chatting generally and sipping tea. I found myself pouring out things…and Pratibha was a stranger to me. As I sat talking, she had taken me deep into my subconscious and I do not know till today how that happened. There has been an inexplicable connection that I have with Pratibha. I have never had an occasion to go to a past life. It was not required and my sub conscious knew it. And then one evening when the AC was on at full blast, I commented that I was miserably cold and hated the coldness of the AC. Everyone else was comfortable because it was a hot muggy day, but there I was shivering, my feet and hands chilled. My feet were aching. I used to feel a lot of pain in my feet and would get relief only when someone massaged it firmly. I have experienced this pain every day for the last 20 years or so. I sat wrapped up in a quilt and yet not cosy. Pratibha asked me, "What are you feeling?" And I said, "The tireder I get, the colder I feel." She observed :It was a strange statement to make. She did a session for me the next day where I was shown a different life. I was a young woman who was working and residing in a vessel under the ocean. I wore some kind of a plated costume that covered me from neck down and I had a round helmet that covered me neck upwards. I had been sent there by my father. I lived alone moving through that vessel making some kind of recording. The roof was transparent and I would see the waters of the ocean and marine life swirling above my head. I was on my feet the whole day dressed in the cumbersome costume. I died in there at a ripe old age- alone and cold. In the same session, I was shown yet another life where I was a hunter in some cold Arctic region. I lived alone and my only ,function was to hunt animals for meat and give to the villagers. It would be cooked communally in the village and I would receive my share in my house. Was that even a purpose for a human life? A peculiar birth experience! In the session, I was made to release the "body memory" of the coldness and the loneliness. Interestingly the next day I was forced to be in an AC room for a workshop and the cold didnt bother me….any more than it did others in the room. Moreover the nagging pain in my feet has completely gone too. I have had many life-changing sessions with Pratibha for my children, my mother, and of course for myself. I thank Pratibha for channeling such sessions and for being a compassionate healer who knows when and how much to push. I am grateful to the Divine for bringing her guiding presence into my life. Meeting her has been the start of my spiritual journey. She recognizes me at a soul level and I feel safe in the healing space. The last few months I have had as many as ten sessions perhaps, long planned ones and short impromptu ones. One minute I am sitting and talking and the next minute I have gone deep under. I have found an inner core of strength that I was unaware of. I am more empowered to go with the flow of life. I fear less and trust more. RV, Delhi.2015

Skin Infection and Relationship issues
"I initially went to see Pratibha for a small skin infection I wanted to get rid of and her healing went far beyond my expectations. Without realising it my mind body and soul were going through tremendous shifts. After each meeting I would nap for hours to let myself rest or settle with the flow of information and healing received. The way I look at things and people has changed, the people surrounding me changed extremely rapidly. The shifts i felt from within reflected immediately on my outside world> a very deep sensation of happiness would grow gradually and it had been going further more for the past 3/4 months. What Pratibha revealed to me through my sessions has changed my life for a better and i doubt i will ever be the person i was before. She has helped me find myself and the new confident me. And the best part is your doubts and confusions are all sorted automatically. A big thank you madam !." DD, Delhi.2013

Cessation of Smoking
Dear Pratibha,
I wanted to thank you. I waited for 2 weeks before writing the feedback of our 2 sessions, to make sure that what happened in terms of shifts was on the long run still sometimes cannot believe it; when I came back in Bombay on Thursday, so 2 days after we last met, I smoke It just happened and incredible. I am not craving for any cigarettes, sometimes it goes through my mind one or two times per day, my habits are gone, the taste of it is disgusting. I feel free I feel fantastic I am so very grateful for it and I this new evolution/change every day. Our aura cleaning and chakra opening session was fantastic. My energy and vibrations are higher and stronger. course it does go down sometimes. I feel it and it feels wonderful. I meditate a little every day to maintain the energy level. I was raised in the countryside and always was closed to the nature, being in India and especially in Bombay it pulled me away from it. But now I need again to be close to the nature, to feel the sun, the green, the sea I hope you are doing great. I am grateful I met you. I will come to see you next time I come to Delhi. Have a great day and thank you again Mathilde, Mumbai.2014

Surrogate healing for husband with undiagnosed stomach problems for a few years.
In a session with Pratibha ji, I found myself entering my husbands aura. On being guided and prompted by her…I found myself scanning his aura. I was shown a block and shadows in his solar plexus and heart charka. There was a huge deep black ball somewhere between heart charka and solar plexus. The ball was heavy in mass…When prompted by her, as to what it was the answer that just came in was that it was cancer! (It was still in energy so was not detected by any tests for tangible manifestations)( My husband has been experiencing pain and discomfort in his stomach area for the last 7-8 yrs.)It keeps going and coming in phases which last months and then disappears for a few months/days. We had consulted number of specialists and run plenty of tests right from CT scans and several MRI…x rays , ultrasounds, endoscopy…several blood tests…but nothing conclusive has been found. There had been no physical issue found in ALL his tests. We had even taken him to London where the doctors gave him a clean chit. ) On further prompting the reason for that blockage/ball was led to an existing anger and uncomfortable relation between my husband and his father, which was because of some past life karma. In that session, remote healing was done for my husband and father-in-law, where my husband asked for forgiveness from his father clearing and releasing the old blockage. The past life anger was revealed and released. Pratibha helped resolve and clear the karmic effect. Eventually they were shown hugging each other with green energy around them. Upon the prompt received …The black ball/cancer was sent healing…with intense white light until it broke into million pieces and vanished .I came out of the session feeling peaceful and relieved as if a load was off my chest. I thank my therapist for her kindness and patience and the Universe which supported the healing. She was extremely sensitive and it seemed effortless as she lead me into this and many other sessions helping me heal myself and my family. Now my husband is fine...he has only complained of mild discomfort once since the session...and most importantly...his relation wid his father has improved drastically...MM, Delhi.2012

Depressed, Unhappy marriage. Wanted to separate.
I have led a very confident life till my marriage and have managed big event under my leadership but all have changed suddenly after my marriage in 2008.I had become low confident, I didn not like my husband for no reasons, we had quarrels, I felt like my life has been finished now even i could not able to talk with my own family members. I was undergoing depressive feelings. everybody including myself counsel me but in vain .I thought there must be some previous life reasons for the present situation, when i watched raz pichle janam ka episodes I decided to find it out through PLR.I searched internet then I came to NGO organisation and enrolled for their courses and I met Pratibha mam at healer lvl2 course. during lvl1 I was so depressed and full of -ve energy even did not mix up with group but during lvl2 when mam did my cleansing ,helped raised my confidence level ,my life was saved. I really felt that a lots of black -ve energy was draining from my feet, and it became somewhat relaxed, calm. I stopped taking my sleeping pills. But my problems were unresolved till after 2 more sessions everything come out clear, my life has been changed. Those were magical sessions. Previous cords were cut and I came to understand my life. My life now has completely changed, I have smooth relationship with my husband. I went out happily with him for the first time in my 3 yrs married life. I have my deep gratitude towards mam Pratibha who is also my mentor. AJ, Ghaziabad.2010.

Low self confidence, Habit of drinking
About two years ago I began therapy to release a lot of my childhood and abuse a lot of them had been affecting me very deeply. I was keen to develop as a did not feel wanted to understand the cause. One of my first sessions was to understand why I did not have the confidence to become a therapist. I was taken back to a memory in this life that was connected to this issue. The painful memory was healed and resolved. On releasing that charge I was able to regain my confidence. My sessions revealed that a lot of my issues were coming from my childhood. Post inner child integration all those symptoms just vanished. Therapy has benefited me in many ways. It helps me to stay light, to release any anxiety and tension and most of all made me realize the illusion we live in. My personal relationships are also different now for the better. I meet people with a different mind- set. And it has made me a more positive and whole human being. It has also helped me see how alcohol is just a crutch. One session Pratibha focused on my alcohol habit and she helped release the associations and fears and my habit was gone forever. I am truly grateful for her expertise, gentleness with which Pratibha guided and healed me. With therapy, I gained strong support & was able to give up my habit of social drinking totally and emerged confident and happy. HMNew Delhi. 2010.

Fear of losing loved ones, grieving and perplexed.
I have been asked to write my experience about my sessions with Pratibha ji, but I wonder if by writing one can convey the right emotion or feeling about any incident or experience of life. In this world we are lovable only when we are good listeners and we all want someone to hear us out, more, while suffering. We suffer because we have plenty to learn, we go through crisis because there is so much to achieve. All such thoughts were poured in me by Pratibha ji. There are answers that we all need to know, for which we go from one corner to other. The fact is that all answers are within ourselves and we need an awakening. Swami Paramhans Yoganand ji helped millions to realize self and it is the self that we love the most. But I feel, when we lose faith in ourselves and the almighty that we are surrounded by so called sufferings. After my sessions with her I have realized self (not fully, though…as I would have liked to have long sessions…but practically it is not possible as there are lots in the Q) but it has brought a drastic change in my thinking. She says we all are here to play a role just like a character in a movie. We change our characters in each lifetime. I believe that and may be the character given to me is tough but I will have to play it and I enjoy it. At least, the almighty chose me to play this character. I understand one thing after my sessions with her, that is, the soul feels relieved once it leaves the body, it is happy to have completed a journey and looks forward to another journey and it is we that mourn, remain engrossed only in pleasant moments of the past and suffer, not realizing the soul is so happy where ever it is. Facing a tragedy in my family I was made to realize this, that the soul is happy…and I was relieved to know that…..is not it Pratibha ji…you know what I am talking about….but thanks for doing me a favour and relieving me of a burden that I was carrying…. Before ending I will like to ask the same thing that I ask her each time…..when is my next session?? KK, New Delhi. 2011.

Relationship crisis, anger, loss of self confidence .
"When I first received therapy, I was battered physically, mentally and emotionally. At that time the benefits of therapy were not clear to me but the effects were tremendous. The changes were slow and powerful as therapy healed me from inside. I could not find solution to the problems I was facing at that point in my life but therapy changed all that. Suddenly the path was clearer and I was able to take the right decisions and with confidence. My life completely transformed post my sessions and the positive support and guidance through Pratibha has made me much stronger and happier in every way. My sincere thanks to my therapist Pratibha as it could not have happened without her compassionate efforts. RK,Gurgaon. 2010.

Lonelinesss, Fear of close spaces, abusive Ex-Husband.
I was going through a lot of trials (literally!) and tribulations in my life and my coping mechanisms seemed inadequate. There were so many unanswered questions and I was unable to understand the cause of it and constantly questioned............... why me? I have not done any harm to anyone consciously and I genuinely believe in doing good to others.............. Somewhere along the way I got this inner feeling that answers to my sufferings and longing may be found in my previous birth and thus got in touch with Pratibha, a lady now I admire. My sessions with her, revealed many aspects hitherto unknown and inexplicable. I was able to find connections from the previous birth which explained my current life challenges clearl.. I was helped to understand my visions I received at length and it surely helped to calm me down. I am no longer angry at life and people. I was helped to disconnect from people who carried significance in this life by forgiving them, asking for forgiveness and thus liberating myself. I was guided to affirm regularly and remain positive and look at life from a higher perspective...........spiritual inclinations is what I definitely developed and I am much more in control ( of my emotions and reactions) now. I feel I do have a long way to go and I will go back to required sessions to receive more help and be peaceful. SB. New Delhi. 2012.

Disconnection from past relationship, low self esteem, insecurities
I had like to thank you for all the sessions I have taken from you. I remember I was so confused and deluded when i came to you but hypnosis sessions did the miracle. Going through my divorce, it was not easy to let go of emotions and hatred for my ex-husband. Sessions made me realize that whatever is sown will always come back in some way or the other. I was able to forgive him along with a lot of ppl around as I understood that who so ever comes in ur life has a purpose and they only come to give you a learning. I have started taking situations and ppl as just the medium of learning. Along with that, these sessions have really shown me the importance right Karmas. Thats the biggest learning on this life time. I believe it has greatly enhanced my self-esteem, self-confidence, and i experience comfort and safety. It has given me a deep understand my own soul purpose and value. Thank you for all ur time and guidance. JS, Gurgaon, 2009.

Alopecia( Severe hair loss),Loneliness.
I have severe hair problem where i am losing hair from my head. Various doctors told me that the ones lost can not come back. All they can do is stop any further fall. I came to Pratibha for the Past Life Regression to know the cause and get healing. In the first meeting she checked my aura and chakras. All the chakras were either blocked or moving in reverse direction. She helped me clear the chakras and cleanse my aura. It took two complete sessions to do this activity. She also helped me release various emotions such as fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, sadness etc stored in different parts of my body. During trans state I also exchanged forgiveness and healing light with the person i unintentionally hurted causing guilt in me that was a probable reason for the hair loss. Towards the end of session I could visualize little hair growing back on my head. My head feels very light and i am hoping the hair problem is healed for good. PG, New Delhi,2009.

Anger with mother, doubts and confusions
My therapy session worked for me in two ways… One, it took me to a very deep meditative state. It feels as though you are awake but in truth you are deep in concentration and you get to realize this when you are asked to open your eyes after it is over, but it is quite difficult to get your eyelids open and it takes a while a to get back to normal and come out feeling that you have entered a different plane of existence.. Secondly, it put me in touch with myself….There are many things which you know has happened to you. But you tend to repress them and brush them off as something that has happened in the past, but the body takes all the shocks and this manifests in aches, cramps or even disease. The sessions helped me to realize the problem areas in my physical realm thus aiding me to realize the energy blocks in my body. These sessions worked on my emotional and physical level the most. It was holistic and the only side effect was that I have felt lighter, calmer and peaceful. My comfort level was enhanced by the compassionate handling of Pratibha and I felt very secure expressing myself. I look up to her as my mentor and friend. SG, New Delhi, 2009.

Workshop with parents of children who have special needs

It was a very good workshop. I gained clarity about how to solve the problems I am facing in my life and how to reach the goals I have set for my child.

RJ, March 18, 2022

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