• What is trance or Hypnosis ?
    A.Trance or Hypnosis is a very deep state of relaxation that actually is a normal, natural, healthy state of Human mind. Many experienced therapists say that all hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. Our bodies experience what are known as ultradian rhythms. These rhythms form the basis of common, everyday trance or hypnotic states, when we may find ourselves daydreaming or just taking a break. 

    Here are some examples of the hypnotic/trance state:

    1. You may have been in a room full of people, feeling as though you are taking part in the group but feeling detached from it. 

    2. Very often people find themselves driving home while being preoccupied by something and suddenly realizing that even though they arrived safely at their destination, they can't recall driving past familiar landmarks? It's as if they were on automatic pilot. 

    3. Sometimes you feel unsure whether you did something or simply thought about doing it? For example, did you mail that letter or did you just think about mailing it? 

    4. Have you ever been so absorbed in an activity that you were able to block out sounds or make them totally unimportant or not even hear them? 

    5. Have you ever stared into space, thinking of nothing, and been unaware of the passage of time? 

    6. Have you ever had the experience of remembering a past experience with such clarity and vitality that it was almost as if you were reliving it? 

    7. Have you ever been able to shut out your surroundings by concentrating very hard on something else?

    8. Have you ever had the experience of reading a novel or watching a film and being so absorbed that you forgot about your surroundings, almost living the story?

     Hypnosis is a state one experiences anytime where one loses the sense of time and enters a timelessness.

  • Can Hypnosis harm in any way?
    No. Its perfectly safe to be in the hypnotic state. In fact, it is very calming and refreshing. Also hypnosis is not a truth serum and if you do not wish to share something in the hypnotic state, you wont. In trance, you are in control of all your faculties and can talk, laugh, analyse, share and communicate about the entire healing process and your feelings with the therapist.
  • What is regression therapy?
    Regression Therapy involves releasing through conscious awareness the hold of some events from our past which were perceived as unfair and impact negatively on our present-day affairs. The unresolved issues can stem from situations in childhood, birth, prenatal states, past lives or between lives. 

    Healing isn't all about past life. A lot of resolution of experiences from current life need to be done which instantly helps the client into a lighter state and brings answers for the presented problem. Its only when few symptoms still persist that one needs to dig deeper and release the cause wherever it may be stuck in our memory and that could mean accessing a past life memory. You are aware of where you are, who you are with and what you are saying at all times, and will not say anything you do not want to.

  • What is the basic technique used in this kind of healing?
    We intuitively use the method most appropriate for the client and his issues since we are well versed with many techniques commonly practiced. Whatever technique we might use, the client achieves an altered state of consciousness, a sort of mild trance state (an alpha state) in which his attention is focused deeply inward in conjunction with a heightened awareness of both inner and outer goings-on. Client can hear my voice and the various sounds, feel the temperature of the air in the room, while at the same time be deeply involved in receiving, feeling and sharing the information from his subconscious mind. It is similar to the kind of state achieved when studying intensely for an exam or when watching an engrossing movie. There is always a part of the person that knows what is happening in the here and now reality, so he/she is relaxed yet aware of whatever is happening.
  • What if I don't believe in past lives?
    Actually, it is not necessary to have a belief in re-incarnation or past lives in order to benefit from regression therapy. Any information of this nature brought to conscious awareness may be viewed in allegorical terms, or at least seen as imagery that the mind could be creating in order for healing to occur. One needs to suspend judgement of whatever information you may be getting and see where it leads you emotionally. Whereas the mind can take you into a maze, the emotions never lie.
  • Can one get "stuck" in the trance state?
    Trance or Hypnosis occurs naturally to us many times in a day. For example, while engrossed in a book or a movie, when our external reality fades away, we are in a natural state of hypnosis. No one ever gets "stuck" in trance /hypnosis, as the minute you choose to open your eyes, the trance is over.
  • Can everyone access the depth through trance therapy?
    We have had success with almost all our clients and their ability to experience deep relaxation through trance technique. We understand the different ways in which the mind works and use different techniques for some who exhibit their hyperactive state.

    The ones who are unable to turn off their doubting, questioning “analytical mind” usually require an extra session as their conscious mind takes longer to loosen and calm down and interferes with their experience.

    Anyone who can daydream can enter a trance state if he is willing. Healing and trance can never be forced or imposed upon you against your will. Most people do experience a relaxation but some do not acknowledge as their beliefs stop them. They think and expect trance to be an imagined, sort of amnesia which it is not. The therapy takes you into a heightened state of alertness and at no point do you become zombie like. The reasons for resistant reactions are many and often very personal and unique to the individual.

  • Can my friend or spouse watch the regression?
    It is preferred that there be total privacy in the regression room, for a number of reasons. I feel that sometimes the clients stop their own healing by trying to edit the information being received and are unable to completely relax and open up which is imperative for his/her healing experience. You will not say anything you do not want to say since you feel conscious of the other persons presence.
  • Do you tell your clients how often to come back?
    After the initial session we can assess how many sessions will be needed for resolution of the problem. Most open minded clients feel empowered in about 2-3 sessions. After each session the issues are reviewed and, based on inputs by client, further step is figured out. There are no fixed number of meetings required for any issue except for addictions.
  • How many sessions does one require for an issue to be resolved?
    This purely depends on the issue that the person wishes to heal and his willingness. Every individual is unique, hence only after meeting and hearing each one’s issues can the number of sessions be assessed. Some people do heal faster than others. 

    Our goal is to enable our clients to get to a place of overall well-being and self –empowerment by resolving their presented issues. Each session brings permanent positive shift in the energy field and in the way the person feels. We guide our clients to emerge stronger and encourage them to take measures that are in their best interest.

  • How do I know I'm not just making this all up?
    Your mind has stored the problem and only your mind knows how to release it. So whatever story or information opens up it will benefit you since that's how your mind wants to release it. Healing shifts happen and that's what is of value and the purpose of the session.
  • What kind of child or adolescent issues do you address?

    ·        A child having difficulty in studies

    ·        Issues like bedwetting, sleep disturbances

    ·        Fears, anxiety of any kind

    ·        Addicted to gadgets, internet, substance abuse

    ·        Difficulty in focussing

    ·        Self confidence and self esteem issues

  • What kind of tests are used for career counselling?

    The tests that we use for career counselling are standardized tools that are used to understand interests, innate abilities, strengths and personality of the child. Based on our interactions with the child, results of these tests, suitable career options are explored.

  • Do I need to undergo any preparation before a session?
    Your readiness and openness to trust the healing process will surely help. Meditating with our Online guided meditation recordings will prepare you and be highly beneficial for whichever issue you are struggling with.

    For our Skype and distant healing sessions we will send you a form which you will fill and send to us before the interaction.

  • What age is appropriate for career counselling?

    A child above the age of 13 can be considered fit/suitable/eligible for career counselling. Be it a high school student, a college student or a person working somewhere, career counselling can help all to choose careers that are intrinsically satisfying.

     If career counselling is done early, say at the age of 14 or 15 a child can be guided to choose from a variety of subjects and stream options and can be prepared to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities that are suitable for careers that are best for the child.

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