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Loving Life

‘Loving Life’ is the conception of Pratibha Malhotra’s inspiration and passion. It is a school for empowerment spreading hope, love and joy for living.

At Loving Life we help you find your path to the limitless power of love and healing within you. In this endeavour, we hold a weekly healing day and offer many other services, to help renew and nourish your energy. The personal sessions clear your debilitating blocks and aid the much wanted resolution towards a happier, healthier you.
Pratibha’s vision lies in enabling individuals nurture a deep bond with their mind, and help them hold the reins to shaping a joyful future and life.
We walk you to your heart, to unite with your spirit and live as a completely healed and empowered YOU.

The Founder

Beauty and purity of life are blemished by myriad stresses and the subsequent suffering and unhappiness that follow.

The past decade and a half have seen an upsurge of alternate methods of treatment to calm, soothe, find solutions and heal those unable to find a way out of their pain.

Life is a synonym for joy and peace.

It is possible to reconnect and live joyfully.

Ms Pratibha Malhotra

I grew to be a healer as I looked to resolve the complexities that shrouded my feelings, body health, relationships and all that was my life.

Life taught me that the law of this plane is discontentment, pain and turmoil. For me, it all started as a quest for answers which somehow changed tracks and my efforts became directed at understanding myself and my life. I found myself slowly grounded in my strength and things started to fall in place. The transformation from a state of restlessness to one of calm was a huge success. I was able to clear all the confusions and doubts that crowded my mind, so now there is only light, and it has healed me.

I have been a Light worker for more than twelve years.My intellect is rich with the training of most well-known techniques. I work intuitively and the healings facilitated by me are the work of a higher consciousness for no man can do what His energy can. I am committed and passionate in my responsibility and find His light touching each one who comes with an openness and readiness.

I owe my strength and clarity to the timeless wisdom and inspiration from the teachings of Masters like Maha Avatar Baba ji, Paramhamsa Yogananda ji, Ramana Maharishi Ji and a few others. It was their wisdom that lit in me the awareness of self –compassion, acceptance and inner harmony. Their words have been my teacher, rekindling the spark that is the energy of the Creator's consciousness in me.

This is what I wish for all to find and live a beautiful life.

I am certified as :-

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Usui Reiki Master
Regression Therapist
Neuro linguistic programmer (Basic and Advanced)
Aura, chakras and Crystal healing
Foreign energy management
Inner Child Therapist
Life between Lives Therapist
Accessing akashic records

I attended some Global events to further enrich my knowledge and gain exposure to techniques used by renowned therapists. I have attended, amongst others:

World Congress on Regression Therapies' in Delhi (2006) and in Brazil (2008).
World Healers Conference in San Diego, USA. 2010.

It feels satisfying to say, after having interacted with all age groups of people, that most felt stronger and happier post the sessions and are leading their lives with a renewed energy and purpose.

I live my passion. I serve my passion and I hope I am able to kindle the same in one and all.

Pratibha Malhotra is based in DLF, Gurgaon, India.

Meet the Loving Life Team

Loving Life and its purpose have been embraced by these beautiful beings and now they spread its brightness to all whose lives they touch.

Renu Viswanath

Renu started coming for the weekly meditations right from the time Loving Life opened its wings to soar in February 2015. She found herself strengthening and she became committed to her inner journey. She took all the courses and the workshops, attended each retreat and made undeterred effort with herself.

Renu worked in a reputed school in South Delhi, The Mother’s International School for 21 years. She also headed their Primary Wing for 7 years. She has a vast repertoire of experience with children of all ages: in teaching language and in counselling and guiding them through emotional phases in life. A trained arts-based therapist for adolescents and adults, she uses these methods and techniques for emotional healing and well-being. In the classroom, these techniques were blended effectively with the language curriculum helping children express, communicate and heal their deep seated feelings, fears and anxieties. Her guidance to parents has been invaluable in helping them understand themselves and their children, and ably do the fine balancing of their needs and children’s needs. Colleagues and teachers have benefitted under her leadership, through her sharing of experiences- both of teaching and of her life. She now conducts arts-based workshops at other schools for teachers and students, and for children and adults, at the Loving Life centre. Also a qualified Life Healer, she has been trained and certified by the founder of Loving Life, Pratibha Malhotra. Renu is totally committed to her purpose of sharing her light to help others lead an empowered life. Today she has emerged to be the compassionate and wonderful being that she is. She feels one with the cause and purpose of Loving Life and serves it wholeheartedly. Empowerment Programs For Parents, Children And Teachers

Pia Chakravarty
Pia is a qualified
Child Psychologist,
Mind Counsellor
Career Counsellor for adolescents
Licensed Rehabilitation Counsellor
Life Healer

She holds an Advanced Diploma in Guidance and Counselling. She is adept at working with children with special needs (ADD, ADHD, Autism and any learning disability). Her expertise lies in psychoeducational assessments and effective evidence- based interventions designed for children with deviations and delays in development. Her strength incorporates relationship building through parent- child interaction sessions (PCIT): a tool for building strong family dynamics between family members. This is especially valuable for parents of children who have special needs , helping them to understand how to nurture and bond with their children.

As a Career Counsellor, Pia has a knack of helping youngsters understand their interests and aptitudes; thus enabling their choice in selecting the most appropriate career for them.

Pia works in a reputed school in Delhi as the Primary School Counsellor.

She started going to Pratibha for meditations every Sunday from 2017. The quietness and stillness she experienced there touched a core of silence and peace within her. Pratibha’s loving guidance gave her much clarity in understanding herself and life. She gained confidence and courage and has gradually become more accepting and compassionate in every way.

She is passionately involved with mission of Loving Life and supports it wholeheartedly. She is fully trained under the tutelage of Pratibha Malhotra and is a qualified Life Healer. Well versed with energy- based healing techniques which support her qualifications, Pia is able to offer an integrated way of helping individuals of all ages, helping them gain stability, clarity and harmony in life. Pia also faciitates empowering workshops under the banner of Loving Life with children, parents and teachers. Individuals with Special Needs


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