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‘Loving life’ is the conception of Pratibha Malhotra’s inspiration and passion. It is a school for empowerment spreading hope, enthusiasm and love for living your everyday life.

As Loving life healers, we help you find your path to the limitless and abundant power of compassion and peace within you. In this endeavour, we hold meditations, reflections and offer various services, that support you and make you feel renewed and nourished. The personal sessions help clear your undesirable blocks and aid the desired resolution towards a happier, healthier you.

Pratibha’s vision lies in enabling individuals understand and enhance their capacity to think clearly, so they hold the reins to shaping a tomorrow of their choice. A lighter mind comes from its grounding in the heart, life within, so each is shown the way to be an expression of their empowered selves.

The Founder

Beauty and purity of life are blemished by myriad conflicts, upheavals and the subsequent emotional roller coaster and discontent that follow.

The past two decades have seen an interest upsurge in search and usage of alternate methods to calm, soothe, and find solutions for being healthier and happier at all levels.

Life… is a synonym for all that is good and peaceful. It is possible to unite with the essence of
Life…in your being and live a wholesome life of balance, stability and satisfaction.

Ms Pratibha Malhotra

I grew to be a healer as I looked to resolve the complexities that shrouded my feelings, body health, relationships and all that was my life. I found my way to live as an integrated whole and feel peaceful.

Life taught me that the law of being human is discontentment, imbalance and unrest. For me, it all started as a quest for answers and solutions to an emptiness and sadness, which at some point changed tracks, and my efforts became directed at understanding my Self and my life. The timeless wisdom from words/ teachings of spiritual Masters like Maha Avatar Baba ji, Paramhamsa Yogananda ji, Ramana Maharishi Ji and a few others helped me gain clarity and understanding, and lit in me the awareness and importance of self –compassion, acceptance and inner harmony. Slowly the sought after puzzle pieces started to fall in place bringing the transformation from a state of restlessness to one of stability. I rose above struggles, confusions and doubts in my mind, to bond with Life…in my being. My relationship with my true Self slowly warmed to become an unshakable strength bonding me firmly with the energy of Life’s intelligence, the Creator's power/consciousness in me. So then, there is only light, and it healed all of me.

It has now been more than twelve years to fourteen- fifteen years since I began my journey as a professional light worker. My intellect is rich with knowledge and training from a plethora of energy based techniques and my healings are intuitively guided. I am committed in my responsibility and find Life’s love touching each one who approaches with an openness and readiness.

It is my wish that all find what I have been able to and live a peaceful life.

My certifications and expertise encompass :-

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Regression Therapist
  • Neuro linguistic programmer (Basic and Advanced)
  • Enhancing Chakra vibrations
  • Energy /Aura expansion
  • Inner Child Therapist
  • Life between Lives Therapist
  • Disease and Somatic Therapy
  • Soul Script for Current Life
  • Expressing Your Highest Balanced Reality
  • Accessing Akashic records

My knowledge in this field expanded further when I attended some Global events and gained exposure to techniques used by renowned therapists. I have attended, amongst others:

  • World Congress on Regression Therapies' in Delhi (2006) and in Brazil (2008).
  • World Healers Conference in San Diego, USA. 2010.

I launched my own courses by integrating the practical aspects gleaned through the multitude and diverse techniques along with experiential understanding from self-healing and my practice with clients. Loving life courses certify and add the title ‘Life Healer’ to the ones who participate and wish to spread and share their gain.
Loving life healers’ sessions bring an overall balance to your mind, body and your spirit. The intellect of the mind and the wisdom of the heart come together in the design of Life healer courses such that the healing sessions bring about immense clearing and rejuvenation. You leave feeling, light, alive and purposefully motivated.

It feels satisfying to say, after having interacted with people of all age groups, that most felt stronger and happier post the sessions and are leading their lives with a renewed energy and purpose.

I live my passion. I serve my passion and this is what I hope to kindle in all who are led to any of us in Loving life.

Based in DLF, Gurgaon, India.

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Meet Our Life Healers

Loving life, its philosophy, purpose and mission have ignited the torch in the hearts of Renu, Pia, Aanchal and Pallavi. Now they spread its brightness to all whose lives they touch.

Renu Viswanath

Renu worked in The Mother’s International School, a renowned school, for more than two decades, first as a teacher and then, as the Headmistress.

She is and has been, an ardent follower of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s teachings for twenty years. One-pointed in her devotion, she still searched for peace, and answers to her life situations.

Renu has been with Loving life since its inception. She experienced a silence and peace in meditations with Pratibha, and that was unlike all she had ever known before. Her thirst for understanding and living the words of Masters finally found a role model. Pratibha walked the wisdom and inspired Renu to do the same, through her words/talks, meditations, by being in this world living a regular life …yet remaining unaffected like …a lotus does. She began to make life choices that made her feel uplifted, satisfied and joyful.

Renu has a tremendous experience of supporting and interacting with children of all ages: in teaching language, and in counselling and guiding them and their caretakers through emotional phases in life. It was her passion to be better at all she knew that led her to take the training for arts-based therapy. Emerging recharged through this course, her healing sessions and Life healer trainings with Pratibha, she started to use their principles adding another dimension to all her efforts. It was generously extended to parents, teachers and colleagues, during her tenure. She now facilitates workshops in schools on emotional wellness, such that the gain extends to all areas of an individual’s life.

A natural healer with an in-depth understanding of energy based techniques, a heart full of compassion, Renu found her calling…Loving life. As a Life Healer, Renu is totally committed to her purpose of sharing light to support others lead an easeful life. Loving life is her way of living her life.

Pia connected with Pratibha and Loving life about four years ago. She found answers and clarity about herself and her life through healing sessions and simple guidance from Pratibha.
Regular and persistent efforts helped her ground in a core of stability and courage within herself. She gained confidence which started to show in all her interactions and work.

Pia is a qualified:-

  • Child Psychologist
  • Career Counsellor
  • Licensed Rehabilitation Counsellor

She holds an advanced Diploma in Guidance and Counselling and works with children and their families to enable children to actualise their latent capabilities. She is adept at PCIT- Parent Child Interaction Therapy tools, for building a strong parent child relationship, to create a conducive environment for growth, well- being and progress of children. Schooled in identifying and assisting children with special needs (ADD, ADHD, Autism and any learning disability), she conducts Psycho educational assessments and designs effective evidence-based interventions for children with deviations and delays in development. This is advantageous for these children and helps them be a part of the education system.
As a career counsellor, Pia helps youngsters understand their interests and aptitudes, enabling them to choose a career that is ideal and rewarding for them.

She has been facilitating workshops for children, parents, teachers, and also for Individuals who have Special needs. Pia is a certified Life healer trained under Pratibha. She takes healing sessions with individuals of all ages, helping them gain stability, clarity so they lead a good life. Her healing sessions and other interactions are infused with her love and enthusiasm for life.

Aanchal Bhatnagar

Aanchal is a Counselling Psychologist. She underwent her training from the University of Delhi and NIPCCD, Delhi. She is working as a School Counsellor at a Delhi-based school.

Her specialities are:

  • Building and enhancing Life Skills in children of all ages.
  • Working with children and adolescents for overcoming trauma, self- confidence issues, anxiety, exam stress, gaming/smartphone addiction, and similar.
  • Parent-child bond building and smoothing rough edges to facilitate overall harmony in the family and home environment.
  • Conducting Teachers’ training sessions, enabling them to add quality in all their efforts thereby providing a lighter classroom and school atmosphere.

In her work, she integrates her knowledge of Psychotherapy with energy healing approaches.

She is a certified Life Healer. She healed herself and then imbibed and nurtured her passion for the same by taking the courses and training under Pratibha, who is her inspiration and spiritual beacon. She is continuing thereon to be wholeheartedly involved in Loving life’s mission, and offers her time to share and spread all she has found, with people of all ages.

In addition to being Life Healers, and Psycholgists, Pia, Renu and Aanchal are also gifted Oracle Card Readers. The intuitive powerful messages from the cards drawn by them, are a guide to those who seek perspective and clarity for situations in their life.

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