The e-courses​ ​offer a flexibility of time and​ ​are extremely beneficial in developing your emotional strength. The lessons help you engage and get an insight about the working of your mind.

‘Learning is not about just cultivation of memory or accumulation of facts and knowledge, but it is the capacity to think clearly and wisely.’

Our behaviour and personality traits are a reflection of our experiences, memories and habits.​ ​It is hard work to understand​ how the mind works and what ideas and beliefs are reigning,​controlling our thinking and our lives.

The online courses help you become mindful about your thoughts and responses and support you into feeling and living a life of strength. These courses are a resource for empowerment

The course​s will be revealing, intriguing and quite uplifting as they motivate you to​ walk this journey like a student all over again, only this time as a student of your own mind. A side benefit of this participation will be that it will promote Self time, which is so important, yet neglected by most of us.

A special addition to each e-course is a guided healing meditation, which will help dissolve and overcome blocks to heal and energize each participant.

Currently the e-courses available are:

  • 1. Befriend Your Mind ...

    This e-course is aimed at offering:
    To support and ensure that the right seeds of thoughts are flourishing.
    Demystifying the maze of the minds contents to bring clarity and calm to support a productive life.
    Build your awareness and focus. It is a resource of self-empowerment.
    ​Understand the value of choice of thought and the effect of that on your body and emotions.
    Taste joyfulness and light heartedness.

  • 2. Staying Positive...

    In this e-course:

    Identify what in you is not working for YOU. Understand and create order within and eliminate the undesirable.
    Make positive attitude your default mind set.
    Learn to activate your psychological immunity and harness the power of your personal magnetism

  • 3. Mindfulness & Awareness...

    The surmounting pressures in life is propelling each one to reach out for ways and means to feel centered and easeful so as to continue to effectively multitask.
    The younger generation, too, is bearing the brunt, feeling burdened as there is an attempt to juggle study, work and life balance. Everyone wants to remain focussed and perform efficiently amidst the multitudedistractions.
    It is imperative for all to give quality performance in every task at hand. We can bring more consciousness to each activity by remaining mindful. Mindfulness enhances our awareness and attunes us to our innate strength bringing out our true magnificence.
    This e- course is uplifting and builds strength so you feel the pulsing consciousness flow through and bring to life everything that you do.

  • How Does It Work ?...Read on

    Once you register for a course, you will receive introductory material following which you will get a new lesson as per plan for the duration of the e-course (once a week for 4 weeks or once every five days for 3 weeks, a total of 4 lessons). Course content includes a guided meditation and you get to interact and clarify your questions with a team member at a time chosen by you.

    Each lesson is yours to keep and you'll be able to refer back to it whenever you want. And if you miss a lesson or are too busy to get to it that day, each lesson will conveniently remain in your account so you can get to it when you're ready.
    Energy exchange for the entire course material, including the meditation can be asked for.


Domestic : Rs 5000.00

International : $ 75.00

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