In-Person & Online Sessions

These are private and completely confidential sessions and require a prior appointment.

Our healers use their knowledge and expertise intuitively and blend techniques which seems appropriate for the client, based on their state and issues.

If you have a desire to move forward and live each moment with a positive mind-set and without any conflict at any level then this will be truly a worthwhile investment of your valuable resources.

A regular session takes an hour and a half. It is recommended that you read the FAQs given on this site which will clarify many of your questions.

Healing Sessions for Young Children

Children absorb a lot of information from their surroundings, just like sponges. The unconscious builds upon many programs in their minds affects their behavior, often adversely. Their health, learning patterns, self-esteem, confidence and their social and emotional skills - everything can get impacted. Many children today face adjustment issues, manifesting in the classroom as behavioral and academic issues.

The sessions help resolve issues and their young minds are gainfully motivated so they respond in a healthy way to their environment and develop happy and healthy relationships with themselves, their family and friends.

We offer support to all age groups of children and young adults.

Skype or Video sessions

Distance healing can be done via Skype or any video calling service. Distance healing is useful for clients who are undergoing surgery and need energy healing support while in the operating theatre or in the post-anesthesia recovery room afterwards. It can also be helpful for those who are too unwell or too exhausted to leave their own home, or perhaps clients who simply live too far from the healer to travel there.

This brings about the same benefits as when done in person. Distance does not come in the way of energy healing at all.

Distance Healing

Distance healing can be done via Skype or over the phone. Distance healing is useful for clients who are undergoing surgery and need energy healing support while in the operating theatre or in the post-anaesthesia recovery room afterwards. It can also be helpful for those who are too unwell or too exhausted to leave their own home, or perhaps clients who simply live too far from the healer to travel there.

This brings about same results as when done in person. Distance does not come in the way of energy healing at all.

Healing through a Surrogate

This healing or therapy is done for a client, through or with the presence of a surrogate, without the client having to be physically present. It is a remote healing to offer support to the client who is not physically present or available.

Many a times the healing of a client involves healing a loved one who may not be ready or living too far. Though clients are physically not present during this "remote" work, the healing brings significant shifts in their energies.

Surrogate Therapy works very well for young children to heal any kind of traumas. It is also used effectively for the old and infirm, and for people who cannot travel for physical, emotional or medical reasons.

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  • (A) Mind And Aura

    Our bodies are surrounded and penetrated by a field of energy, which serves as a kind of protective boundary. This energy field interacts with the energy field of everything around it, such as other people and environments, as we go about our daily lives. Every interaction in life is an interplay of thoughts and emotions, many of which modify the flow of energy in our energy system. Any contraction in our energy affects and makes us feel drained, unwell and causes mood swings.

    Clearing and cleansing the auric field restores, rebalances and strengthens the energy system, bringing in the higher levels of available energy. Maintaining good levels of energy in the field promotes overall well-being.

  • (B) Regression Therapy

    Regression Therapy involves revisiting old memories and experiences at their source, helping to heal and transform their unconscious influence on physical and emotional ailments, behavioral patterns and unexplained symptoms in a safe and structured way.

    Past Life Regression Therapy Helps You To :

    Transform difficulties in relationships
    Heal abandonment and separation issues
    Reverse betrayal and victimization
    Heal physical, emotional, and sexual abuse
    Release chronic guilt and self-sabotage
    Increase personal empowerment
    Clear deep-seated fears and phobias
    Change limiting beliefs
    Resolve birth trauma
    Raise chronic low self-esteem
    Transform depression and anxiety
    Ease physical complaints, including chronic pain and illness
    Resolve birth and fertility problems
    Process grief and loss
    Manage psychic hyper-sensitivity

    In a Past Life Regression Therapy Session You Will :

    Gently re-experience significant past-life events
    Uncover your core unconscious patterns
    Heal the past-life cause of current-life issues
    Create alternative endings and reprogram the body and unconscious
    Experience reconciliation, forgiveness, atonement, and resolution
    Release past-life contracts and agreements
    Heal the energy body
    Process stuck emotions

    ( I ) Akashic Library Accessing

    The word akashic comes from the ancient Tibetan words "aka" meaning place, and "sa" meaning unseen in the sky.

    The Akashic records have existed since the beginning of creation. They form the library of all events, and responses concerning human consciousness in all realities. Every human contributes energy with every thought, action or event that it engages in during its incarnations, leaving a permanent energetic blueprint. From the Akashic records, we can how our present-life circumstances our past choices.

    Accessing these records is a journey to know about the nature of our soul-gives us an overview of our soul purpose for this lifetime. This experience to live in sync with our life purpose and open all channels for abundance in every way.

    ( II ) Meeting Higher Self & Spirit Guides

    Human soul is a tiny part of our Higher Self which is our pure soul existing in the Spiritual plane. It knows your purpose, your lessons, and your abilities. It knows what is and what is not for your higher good. Many a times all practical solutions fail to give direction to your mind and your life and you feel caught up in a whirlpool unable to extricate yourself.

    To help a client find Wisdom from his/her own higher self that is the goal of Higher Self therapy. The truth is, your own subconscious is part of your higher self and has all the answers you seek for all problems in your life! It knows the reason for every suffering and its required solution. Your higher self is your best guide for a meaningful experience here on the physical plane. Your confidence will come from listening to your inner voice and trusting what it tells you. In this therapy you make this connection and find the required guidance and clarity for your highest benefit.

    Spirit Guides are the energy beings around each soul as it makes its journey on Earth plane. They are always helping the soul stay on the path for its growth. It is not easy to understand this as sensory beings and in this session one gets to connect with these loving presences and receive whatever is helpful and much needed for benefit in the onward journey.

  • (C) Inner Child Integration

    A lot of us are unaware of why we sometimes feel incapable or why we receive certain unfulfilling results from our efforts even though we may be doing our best in every way. Some are possibly aware of the undesirable influence in their formative years, yet they remain in denial of the pain they underwent and don't know how to deal with it. The bottled up feelings like rage, shame, sadness, feeling unloved, rejected, and guilty is what holds many back from feeling complete, loved and secure.

    In this intense healing you are facilitated to recognize and reconnect with these forgotten, unhealed parts and bring them back to be integrated and nurtured. Addressing the unresolved experiences is extremely beneficial and helps strengthen all areas of life -relationships, work, family, self-image, self-worth and overall health and happiness.

    It unfolds all the wonderful and strengthening qualities that had remained obscured and lets the well balanced YOU emerge.

  • (D) Happier Relationships

    The healing therapies effectively find the root causes of habits, anxieties, fears, and beliefs that one holds in their minds, which affects their lives.

    All that has manifested in your lives today comes from some deep rooted patterns beyond in your conscious awareness. To effect changes requires significant effort and repetition on your part. We can clear the cause, and instill the new to enhance and uplift your consciousness and the results are reflected through every aspect of your life.

    We help resolve all unwanted energy blocking the strength of the relationship and reinforce the positive as is desired.

  • (E) Cell Memory Healing

    All discomfort, disease and pain is caused due to blockages of life-flowing force through our mind-body systems. This results mostly from experiences that are repressed from conscious thought, yet remain active in the memory of our subconscious mind and in the body cells. The body cells hold the conditioning of all emotions, experiences and everything that was ever felt by your energy from your first human life

    Contracted life force inadvertently impacts the way we perceive life, our relationships, work and our health. Living with any pain means we are cut off from a much greater source of creativity and power. There is intelligence in our bodies and we can bring it into its natural state through our techniques. It is possible to heal many issues by clearing and releasing old stagnating energy from the cell memories. Once the old is deleted the healing capacity of the body gets stimulated and produces new fresh cells that are healthy and free from any debilitations allowing good health at all levels.

  • (F) Trauma Clearing (Mind, Body & Soul )

    Many a times we feel too depleted despite all healing efforts and other emotional restructuring. It's as if the energy is not being retained. The events in life leave a deep undesirable impact and an opening in our energy system. Extreme physical and emotional illnesses leave a mark and the residue can be resolved from the depths to start a fresh.

    This intense process replenishes the soul and gives a major boost to a person’s energy levels. It helps clean out the painful impressions of experiences and brings about a renewed joy for living.

  • (G) Life Between Lives Therapy

    Life between Lives Therapy offers you the opportunity to experience the astral realms, your spiritual home. Spiritual regression allows greater clarity about the purpose for current life. The process accesses the subconscious mind, the memory bank to understand, resolve and bring clarity about the current life and the environment.

    These sessions offer immense therapeutic value and clients feel a deep relief which comes from finding the meaning of life's perplexities. You gain deep wisdom about your lessons and the current life circumstances. It brings renewed joy and enthusiasm for life on earth.

    It is amazing to experience yourself as energy beings, getting a feel of the astral plane and its lightness.

    As Life between Life facilitators, we feel humbled and excited to walk through the same with you, each time.

  • (H) Spiritual Reiki

    Reiki is spiritually guided life force system which is inherent in each one of us. It is an intelligent energy and it flows where it is needed to create the healing conditions necessary for the homeostasis. Reiki works at the individual's energy gently resolving imbalances at the causal level, bringing visible & lasting transformation.

    Reiki compliments and supports allopathic medicine and alternative healing in all forms. It is an effective healing for every living thing and generates a harmonious and balanced environment.
    One of the greatest Reiki healing benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body's natural healing abilities, improves and maintains fitness at mind, body and soul level.

  • (I) Arts Based Therapy

    The Arts based techniques are a subtle and soundless way of releasing stored thoughts, feelings and emotions thereby offering intense de-stressing and letting go. Due to many unknown rules and regulations, some beliefs, we find it easier to hold back our feelings instead of being natural about them. This becomes the cause of much discomfort.

    Surrender to the process of the art activity leads you to feel relaxed. Arts based healing offers a safe, comfortable space that helps liberate your inner strengths, so you create connections with yourself and others.It is quite a meditative journey as it helps you access and penetrate the depths of your being.

    This therapy is a soothing way to access the Subconscious Mind, energies and heal.

Ready to live as a Happier You ?