Meditation is a process to tune in with your core, your very own powerhouse of love, joy and peace . It opens channels for harmonizing and energizing mind, body and spirit. It clears away the information overload that builds in your mind everyday, enhancing focus and clarity.

Love yourself. Prioritise your well being.

In English for ages 15 years and above

In Hindi for ages 15 years and above

In English for children aged 7-11 years

Please follow these guidelines to prepare your body for meditation.
Choose a space and time where you will be undisturbed for the duration of 30-35minutes. Lying down is fine but there is a possibility of sliding into sleep mode as there’s a fine line between the two states. So, sit in a comfortable unrestricted manner as explained below.  

The purpose of a comfortable erect posture is to help your body remain seated for the required span of time easefully without protesting. It is important to ensure that the joints are easy and not stuck in any such position which will create a restriction of blood flow and tightness.

Please sit either on the floor cross legged or on a chair ensuring your feet are flat on the floor. Keep your spine straight, elbows soft and hands loosely overlapped, palms turned upwards on the lap or resting on your thighs. Once you find you easeful posture , gently shrug your shoulders and open them allowing your upper body to be open. keep your face soft, and breathe deeply to feel the flow of breath in the entire body. Your back can rest against a support if that will help your mind be free. If you like you can place some small rolled socks or similar supports under you knees while you are in a cross legged posture. Keep the body comfortable, yet erect and open.

Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Do this a few times allowing your inbreath to expand your stomach and release and let go all that was heavy and stale.

Now start the meditation…

Ready to live as a Happier You ?