Outreach Programs

Loving life outreach programs are aimed at bringing a balance between mind, body and spirit in the economically weaker section of the society.
The current education system focuses largely at the education of the intellect and overlooks nurturing the roots of the individual which is what has led to so much unhappiness, unhealthy competitiveness, race for money and more.
The differences seen around them and at home may sometimes lead to unrest and dissatisfaction in their minds.

Our aim is to help the parents and the children understand the art of balance and the way to ground themselves in their core values and strengths. This strength will support them live their lives joyfully.

The following are some of the activities/practices we do at Loving life to help enhance these:

We send empowering messages in Hindi to them so they understand the ways in which the mind keeps them limited in weak thought patterns and how to break free and find solutions.

We hold group interactions at our centre for EWS parents; planned modules which help them work on understanding their thoughts and its impact on their lives. These modules facilitate becoming aware and clearing dysfunctional thoughts, preparing the mind for new effective and constructive ones. The result is an upsurge of motivation and enthusiasm which enriches health and mind leading to an overall happier life.

Through short well designed modules using arts and play, children are encouraged to express and communicate their emotions, so that they recognise their feelings and emotions and are able to find coping skills. We consciously take up group dynamics to inculcate a sense of belonging in a team. These are short one hour sessions.

Children are also taken out for short one-day retreats where we conduct the same programme.

Immersion programmes for children and parents over two to three days are conducted outside Delhi.

The sessions cover:
-Understanding of the mind
-Effect of thoughts and emotions on the body
-The art of balance

The interactive sessions are followed by short healing meditation and visualisation to bring in awareness of the connection between body and mind enabling participants to live life joyfully and with equanimity.
Such programmes over a period of time, will enable the parents and the children make choices and decisions that are beneficial to them. This strength will support them to live their lives joyfully.

Inspirational meetings in English: These are held on Sundays at the centre, and are open to all.
Inspirational meetings in Hindi are held regularly. The meetings are open to all to attend.

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We hope to work with people and children at schools, orphanages, in communities and wherever we can find access to them.
We are willing to conduct the meditation sessions and workshops at a mutually suitable venue.

Jeevan se Dosti
This Facebook page is a medium through which Pratibha ji, the founder of Loving Life, tries to spread her words of encouragement and caring to every human being. This page is for readers who are more comfortable in Hindi.   Her words hold the power gained through her personal life experiences and the understanding that arose, insights she gained from understanding, applying and resolving every turn of her personal life. Everyone's life is a roller-coaster ride of relationships and experiences. She explains in her simple way, the approach that helped her in maintaining a fine balance between relationships and her responsibilities...and feeling at peace.   It is for this reason that answers and solutions to many questions in daily life situations, of relationships- personal/professional, and emotional aspects, are found in her messages and writing…These messages are like a life-line, encouraging and supporting you in feeling stable, to be able to live life harmoniously...making ‘friends with life’ and being satisfied.

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