Adolescent Guidance and Career Counselling

Adolescence is a transition phase from childhood to adulthood. In addition to the biological changes of puberty, adolescents experience cognitive changes that allow them to think more abstractly, use reason and logic.

On a practical level, this means that teens will start to challenge and question adults more. This may not always lead to better decision making, as teens do not have sufficient life experience or context. On the one hand, they seek greater independence with regard to parents, teachers, and on the other, they want to be more accepted by their peers. This is a period of exploration and experimentation, where teenagers are trying to understand who they are. It is confusing for them. They face expectations and choices in friendships, relationships, lifestyle, careers etc. There are a lot of influences in their environment that add to their uncertainties, becoming blocks in their overall growth and wellbeing.

Our Individual sessions and group workshops with adolescents, in schools and colleges are targeted at enabling them to find clarity and make important choices courageously. We offer our professional and experiential support so they navigate this phase with ease and balance.

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Career Counselling

Selecting a career needs to be done with passion and enthusiasm, as there are multitude options and professional demands that have to be understood and met. A career provides various opportunities for an individual to grow and inspires one throughout life. Life is a gift and to be able to do everything we enjoy is the key to being happy.

Our role is of utmost value to the budding minds. When the choice is made thoughtfully, recognising the individual inherent capability, it is truly a gift one gives to oneself. It is imperative to recognise the areas of interest and abilities one carries and we help the youngsters identify these through our interaction. With our assessment tools and deep understanding of human personality, interests and aptitude, we enable each one find a person- job environment fit. This clarity and raised awareness about the world of work, one is comfortably able to make informed choices.

Process and Duration

Assessment takes around 3-4 sessions and then in the career counselling session with parents and the child, available career options are explored based on the findings.

We have powerful healing meditations that will help you gain clarity and stability.

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