Our Child Psychologists

Our child psychologists are trained and experienced in various assessment and intervention techniques. We follow a solution focussed approach in our interactions with the firm belief that each individual has inherent in him all that is required for his development and shaping into a strong and balanced individual.

Our role involves assessing the hindrances and bringing about the needful focus in personality development.

Our knowledge combined with our expertise in energy based techniques, effectively resolves all undesirable behavioural patterns in individuals, enabling them to emerge as emotionally strengthened, grounded and confident.

Work with children

Our work with children is based on a two-pronged approach; we believe that as much as the child needs support to harmonise within, he also requires that his environment contribute to his efforts and encourage him.
A child becomes balanced when he is at ease in his environment and we offer our support to him, and to the family, at their discretion.

Play Therapy to help children handle various life situations by playing them out. This therapy uses media like art, clay, puppets, toys, blocks and other play material. Play is a child’s natural medium of expression and it works wonderfully for therapeutic purpose.

Our sessions with the children help them bond with their inbuilt strengths; they become more self-aware leading to enhanced self-esteem, confidence and resilience

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is used with adolescents to help them understand how their mind and its state affects them. This powerful technique is effective and works at three levels- thoughts (Cognition), feelings( Affect) and actions( respond or react) and is very comprehensive in its approach, resolving imbalance at any level. It works on the person’s core beliefs, shifts their perspective and builds flexibility and adaptability.

Life Skills workshops – we hold experiential and reflective activity based workshops. In these, we support building life skills which are valuable in nurturing self- awareness, interpersonal communication skills, problem solving and decision making skills, team building, leadership skills and many more. This powerful medium is a source to developing a strong self-concept, a confident personality and expanded creativity, leading to better social adjustment and peer relations.
Besides augmenting skills, our workshops also help children find clarity and calmness about life.

Work with Parents

Parent Counselling

Loving, respectful home environment is the fundamental need for any child to grow into a kind and well-behaved human being.
Through our personal interactions, workshops and group sessions, we offer our expert guidance to parents about child rearing practices such that they feel confident and clear about themselves in their role as parents and offer the same support to their children.
We use Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) to understand patterns of communication and in the existing bond of relationships among them. Based on this, needful and beneficial interventions are carried out which direct and bridge any gaps in the relationships.
Our focus in including and extending support to parents, is purely to bring a stability in the child and our experience has shown that the results are more productive and desirable in every way.

Work with Family

Each and every member of the family plays a valuable role in a child’s life. Such recognition is important and makes the shaping of the child an easeful flow.
Each individual is unique and has his/her preferences and ways of being. Accepting each other and working as a team to create a system that is satisfying for all requires clarity and balance.
We help you to recognise and resolve discouraging patterns and guide you to adopt those that are helpful to you, for overall stabilising family dynamics. Our Psychologists

We have powerful healing meditations that will help you gain clarity and stability.

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