Crystal Healing

Modern medicine has certainly given us plenty of miracles and provided hope for many. In emergencies, fast-acting drugs can mean the difference between life and death. However, current drugs aren't fail-proof, neither with physical ills like asthma, nor development or psychological conditions like learning or behavioural difficulties or special needs. Modern drugs also often come with undesirable side-effects. Whichis why, more and more people are turning to alternative methods to help heal and boost their immunity in the long term.

Crystals are pure solarised sunlight, which takes millions of years to form, each has its own vibrational level, and each has its own healing power. Crystals are minerals of the earth which are created by the earth and in which all particles are moving in one direction. What differentiates a crystal from an ordinary stone or rock is the fact that all the atomic structure in a crystal is polarized. This quality allows crystals to affect the flow of energy, which ordinary stones cannot do. Hence, crystals are a gift of the Universe and we use their energies for healing by activating them consciously.

Crystals are a balanced form of energy having constant and harmonious vibrations which it offers to help transform an unbalanced human auric field. We use the crystals to energize, keep aura clean, balance emotions, thoughts and to receive more positive energies.

We use the miraculous crystals to energize and balance the human aura so it is saturated with abundant life force energy. This enhances harmonious vibrations and brings about good health and prosperity.

Understand about the Crystals, their consciousness and their value in our workshop.

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