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Wellness Week

Loving Life brings to you... a selection of sessions using assorted energy techniques that awaken your mind and body’s innate capacity as a healer. Take time to value your body, health, and wellbeing. Let your body, mind, and heart open up into identifying newer possibilities to take you towards being a cheerful\happier and more restful you...

The experience of each activity paves the way for a deeper bond with those parts that are feeling distant and neglected...so extend yourself … and be that friend!

Loving Life team comprises of experienced healers who are Psychologists and use energy-based diverse techniques that aid resolve issues to reorient your energy field and bring about stability and peace of mind.

A calm mind relaxes your body and keeps you in a naturally fit ...healthful state of being. Allow yourself to understand how to create a harmonious thought environment...a healthy wholesome environment. Take this opportunity to build a connection with life in yourself.

A brief understanding of the events:

Cleanse & Recharge your Energy Channels though crystals and affirmations -Deeply meditative, this experience brings the body’s seven main Chakras into alignment with the help of crystals and energy healing techniques. The aim is to release any chakra blockages and promote a free flow of energy to restore balance and a sense of wellbeing.

Power of Reiki energy- Reiki is a pure form of healing. It is the feeling of being connected directly to the Life force healing, love and protection. Each of us has the inborn ability/capacity to develop and grow spiritually: to become whole. But thoughts of stress, worry, anxiety, emotions, fears…etc interrupt the free flow of life force energy within us, thus creating imbalance in the body functions, and disharmony at mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Reiki is a technique that aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation. It aids the cleansing and balancing of human chakras helping the energy to flow without disturbance.

Experience the cleansing power of Thoughts on your body and mind -Affirmations help you in reprogramming your thinking patterns for creating a positive change in your personal life (relationships, career etc). Through this session, you will learn to reframe and restructure the way you talk to yourself and about yourself, to feel more confident, motivated and happier in your day- to- day life.

 Oracle Card Reading- These messages come to show you the way to be solution-oriented, to be happy; how to respond to situations, people, and experiences and for that it helps you know- how to think, behave and act during each moment of your day. They show the direction as to how you center in your heart and you are led to the exact solution and understanding that you may need in the moment.

Arts- Based Therapy- Expressing through the arts is a gentle and subtle process that unfolds the layers of your mind through creativity. The primary goal here is to surrender to the process of the art activity, which leads you to feel relaxed. It is a meditative journey as it helps you access the depths of your being.

Enhancing potential & developing cheerful attitude through Life skills session- life skills are an effective psychosocial intervention strategy for promoting positive social, and mental health of adolescents, which plays an important role in developing self-confidence and emotional intelligence.


Harmonising Mind, body and you through Play, arts and music- based experiential and reflective activities- Fun activities and a blend of techniques to enhance creativity, decision making, leadership skills among many other life skills. These activities will help your child to reflect, broaden his/her perspective and inspire him/her to approach situations with confidence and clarity.

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Unique Gift for your Loved Ones

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Gift yourself & your loved ones.. beautifully charged crystals

Health and well-being are a result of free flowing life force energy in our bodies. This flow is disrupted by your thoughts and experiences.

 Crystals are a wondrous gift of nature as their ability to add stability to one's mind can be harnessed. Crystals are a magnifier of positive energy and that makes them a valuable asset for the human energetic system. The process of building stability and strength of the mind can be facilitated by creating a safe and nurturing environment with crystal energy. Any and all healing is an energy level approach and crystals strengthen by magnetizing your vibration aiding return to its healthy state. 

You can get crystals for students, health, home, desk, for use in meditation. Feel and be vibrant. Buy from crystal grids, pyramids, balls, bracelets, rocks for protection, balance and more...all are beautifully charged and ready to add love to your field.

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Discover the 'joy within' through Arts!

Unearth new aspects to your creativity, gain deeper personal insight and feel refreshed in your mind and body. 

To know more about Arts based therapy: 


Pet Care

Pets are humans' best friends, buddies and companions. Like a child is an extension of yourself, pet is an extension of the parents’ or the owner’s energy. They’re with their owners, parents (human friends) through thick and thin of their life, uncomplainingly. Your pet is able to feel all that you feel in your mind whether you know it or not. Changing life circumstances, change of house, location, job, increased work stress, conflicts in personal or professional life… all of it impacts your pet, as much as it impacts you.

Some pets do not stay as active or cheerful, even though there are no major stressors in their owners’ lives. It could be because of the past experiences of the pet, which could include, sudden separation from its mother, not having received proper food/nutrition while in the womb or afterwards, not being cared for enough by previous owners, or separation from owners who were very loving & caring and such. Just as it’s difficult to ascertain the reason why a newborn child starts crying suddenly, it takes time for pet owners to understand and attune to the needs of their pets (physical as well as emotional needs).

All these could be the reason for the pets having frequent physical issues, lethargy, biting the house members, seeking attention, barking etc.

A pet is as priceless as any family member. Taking care of them and loving them is very much like loving your child.
Be sensitive and reach out to us if you feel that something is not okay with your awesome pawsome friend. We at Loving Life, offer healing services for your precious pets.


Parenting...a relationship with the child of Life

Human life is woven around relationships one way or another.
One’s understanding of relationships develops from their exchange with parents and the care givers around them from their birth onwards. Each relationship is significant, each one is a valuable opportunity to be united in one’s heart, in their compassion.
Parenting a child is to be an epitome of a balanced compassionate individual so that thechild learns to grow up in a harmonious, supportive and encouraging home environment.
Such parents enable the development of happy grounded children as they are able to share the loving energy from their life-self.
In this book there are nuggets that show you the path of being a companion to your child within- so you can be that and more, to the one outside…in body.

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Online Guided Meditation

Experience deep relaxation and healing in our Online Guided Meditation Sessions offered every Thursday.

An Insight into meditation

Co create a Spirited Life -1

The pearls of wisdom, of discrimination, presented in this volume, will serve as the medium through which you will know and connect to the soundlessness, ‘voice of life’ within you. You will experience and understand what the way is for you to feel good, easeful and calm. It will offer you fresh thought seeds, so you can do some fabulous ground work towards your living as an integrated whole. “Create and nurture a loving mental atmosphere within and around you. Shift from dissatisfied thinking to fulfilment thinking. Be gentle, appreciative, and accepting of all you meet. When you find yourself responding to people and situations far more kindly then you will feel more love and acceptance for yourself .You will stay centered, calm and secure, and your relationships will be harmonious." Pratibha Malhotra

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Co-create a Spirited Life

The pearls of wisdom, of discrimination, presented in this volume, will serve as the medium through which you will know and connect to the soundlessness, ‘voice of life’ within you. You will experience and understand what the way is for you to feel good, easeful and calm. It will offer you fresh thought seeds, so you can do some fabulous ground work towards your living as an integrated whole.

“There is a part of each that is far more than the body, far more than the personality and relationships. This is the very core of each that is life-self... your Spirit. It is the energy form of what is visible as the solid form. Understand, embrace this awareness and unite with it through your feelings. Live this truth." Pratibha Malhotra

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You and the best You

You and The Best You' is a valuable book for children aged 10 years, to young adults aged 18.

The minds of children are like soft clay ready to be moulded. Daily life experiences create an emotional impression on their young minds and they begin to form perceptions/an understanding about their relationships…about the world…about life. The inspiring messages in the book, along with the reflective exercises are like the potter’s loving hands shaping their minds with firmness and gentleness into their innate qualities of kindness and beauty.

The simplicity and grace of the images chosen and the wisdom/truth in the words of the messages, invite them to practice introspecting and contemplating…absorbing its purity…learning to apply them in their day to day living, thus developing a sense of self-worth, of confidence, of purpose.

This book may also be a tool used by parents and teachers, during their sharing time with the young ones, in providing a forum for each one to engage with these powerful messages. Though we specify an age group, the wisdom inherent in this book is ageless and timeless, beneficial to one and all.

You may contact us via email for queries, or any support in your journey with this book.



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