Empowerment Programs for Schools

Due to the changing nature of the education system there is a rising pressure of demands from the parents on children and on teachers. The whole system has become focused on competitiveness, achievements and grades and is keeping the children and the teachers unduly stressed and taxed.
We customize short modules as per the need of your institution.
Our short interactive modules motivate and show how mindfulness can be nurtured to make one’s efforts fruitful and effective.

For the Teachers

The module for teachers highlights and supports understanding on how to tap one’s abundant resources to stay gainfully energized and productive during the day.

These sessions are designed such that they include a mind healing session (a Guided Healing Meditation), which helps balance and renew the energy of all participants.

The overall effect is deeply nourishing for all participants.

Children & Teenagers

Children often pick up perceptions and feelings that affect them adversely and make them emotionally weak, lacking in courage or in confidence. Such children have adjustment issues at home, in school and their overall personality development gets affected.

In these modules, we support children and youngsters so they can feel firmly rooted in their emotional stability and their very own storehouse of strong qualities.

Our focused effort aims to empower children so they are able to create happy and healthy relationships with themselves, their family, and friends and live from a place of strength and joy.

Loving Life offers short, practical and experiential modules that help ensure the following :

Children gain a firm, strong grounding.
Be gainfully motivated and understand the value to make positive choices.
Respond favorably to their environment and the people around them.
Develop as happier, stronger, balanced and empowered individuals.

The topics that we suggest are …

1. Inner Balance.
2. Freedom from fears.
3. Courage and empowerment.
4. Emotional Stability.