The whole education system has become focused on competitiveness, achievements and grades and is keeping the children, their families and the teachers unduly stressed and taxed.

Loving Life offers a comprehensive programme for all individuals in a school environment: Teachers/ Parents and Students.
The modules are specifically designed, and target to add value in schools and institutions.
The goal of these modules is to promote a nurturing environment to support the system that is already in place in the institution.

FROM ME to YOU: that is the road we take.
Understanding the self is the first step.

Teachers and Parents are the two main stakeholders in a child’s life and their role is crucial in developing a child’s psyche.
There is thus a dire need for the parents and teachers to become partners and together nurture and nourish a child’s sensibilities. The strong foundation thus laid will enable the child to develop to his dynamic and full potential exuding a personality brimming with confidence.

Parents are the child’s first connect with the world. An individual who lives with a balanced and compassionate approach, recognizes the need for grounding and will be an empowered parent.
Such a parent will be a role model for his/her child and will enable the child to be independent, to think and make good choices for himself.

Parenting modules are designed for them to understand themselves as individuals- their needs and expectations, their responsibilities and priorities, free themselves from self-imposed binds and find inner balance, manage thoughts to be anxiety free.

Teachers are the next guides for the young ones.
The community for the children expands now into the school, which are extensions of the same value system. Some of the most influential role models for students, teachers are responsible for more than just academic enrichment. By forging strong relationships, educators are able to affect virtually every aspect of their students’ lives, helping them weigh important life decisions.

Modules for teachers thus highlight and support understanding of themselves as individuals, their strengths and virtues; and on how to tap one’s abundant resources to stay gainfully energized and productive during the day, while dealing with varied, young active and demanding minds.

All parenting and teacher sessions are designed such that they include a mind healing session (a Guided Healing Meditation), which helps balance and renew the energy of all participants.

The overall effect is deeply nourishing for all participants.

Modules for Children & Teenagers: Children often pick up perceptions and feelings that affect them adversely and make them emotionally weak, lacking in courage or in confidence. Such children have adjustment issues at home, in school and their overall personality development gets affected.
In these modules, we support children and youngsters so they can feel firmly rooted in their emotional stability and their very own storehouse of strong qualities.  Our focused effort aims to empower children so they are gainfully motivated and understand the value of making positive choices. They will then create happy and healthy relationships with themselves, their family, and friends and live from a place of strength and joy.

Special interactive Awareness module for students of Class XI and XII are held regularly from September to March for extra support during the exam phase. We customize short modules as per the need of your institution. Our short interactive modules motivate and show how mindfulness can be nurtured to make one’s efforts fruitful and effective.

Career Counselling for students of classes IX to XII: Selecting a career is a matter of great stress and turmoil because wrong choices might make the path difficult. A career option chosen with lack of interest and motivation becomes like a burden and weighs one down.
With our assessment tools and deep understanding of human personality, interests and aptitude, we try to find a person- job environment fit. With this clarity and raised awareness about the world of work, one is able to make informed choices.
Process and Duration
Assessment takes around 3-4 sessions and then in the career counselling session with parents and the child, available career options are explored based on the findings.

Every stage of life brings lessons for growth and nothing needs to feel as a leap off a cliff.
We can achieve the desired heights if we can remain centred.

Loving Life offers special strengthening modules for parents, teachers, and students- individually and in groups. The key concepts of the modules are as follows:

Children gain a firm, strong grounding.
Be gainfully motivated and understand the value to make positive choices.
Respond favorably to their environment and the people around them.
Develop as happier, stronger, balanced and empowered individuals.

The topics that we suggest are …

1. Inner Balance
2. Freedom from fears
3. Courage and empowerment
4. Emotional Stability
5. Knowing, Expressing, Communicating
6. Friendship with myself: Making positive choices
7. Lasting and healthy relationships
8. How to bring change, who/what to change/when to change