• Arts Based Workshops

    Art based workshops use a blend of drawing, colouring, painting, sculpting, collages and often a combination of these.....Read on

    Dabbling in these fun-filled healing activities, opens the floodgates of your creativity and lets you explore the wonder of your inner world. It is a great way to rejuvenate after chasing hectic schedules and ceaseless monotony of everyday chores.

    Through creating art and reflecting on the artwork and processes, one enjoys the pleasures of making art, de- stressing and letting go; unfolding the layers of your mind. The gentle process subtly enhances cognitive abilities and increases awareness of self and others. It opens up channels of expression for those who find communication a hurdle. Colouring, drawing, painting, and playing/ swaying to music- were so much a part of our childhood days and the workshop unlocks the door to access the joyfulness that we have forgotten in our growing up.

    The primary goal here is not to create an art masterpiece but to surrender to the process of the art activity and we lead you to feel relaxed. It is quite a meditative journey as it helps you access and penetrate the depths of your being.

  • Writing workshops

    A series of reflective writing over a span of 4-5 days for adults ...Read on

    This workshop is designed to understand different occurrences in one’s life and the lessons and opportunities they brought for us. Life teaches wisdom through this plethora of experiences. Through the workshop, this trusted space is created where you can write and share, thus inspiring others.

    Writing with a Difference is a workshop for children aged 11 to 13 years. These are held once a week over a period of three months.

    Children love to write their stories, enriched by the narratives in their lives. The seeds of their imagination lie in their experiences.

    The workshop enables and encourages children to think, plan, reflect, introspect, imagine and share. They learn to refine and present ideas, views and thoughts, coherently and clearly in writing.

Workshops for parents and educators of children with special needs

The child is a beautiful creation of a combination of many other factors- strengths, qualities, abilities- and a lot more.

Our workshops will demystify special needs; every child is special and every individual has special needs.
We enable you to delve deep into a more comprehensive understanding of the needs of these children, understanding the developmental variations and what to do about these variations. Read More.

Self–empowerment Workshops for young adults

These young adolescents are on the threshold of adulthood and facing perhaps one of the most challenging periods of their life. Armed with questions about identity, life, relationships, success, careers and money, they dare you to satisfy their hunger.

The sessions are interactive, where we offer a platform to clarify these queries simply and convincingly, enabling the youngsters to make responsible and informed choices, with a balance of the mind and the heart. Read more.

Healer workshops

Loving life courses have been created by integrating the practical aspects and tools from many of the current day available techniques. The training is inclusive of the technicalities and their energetic impacts so you recognize the responsibility and value add as a Light worker and not just a healer.

It is our endeavour to give participants the benefit of all the available knowledge and wisdom gained through our years of practice, so that they can facilitate and support their healing of their client effectively and help them emerge satisfied and empowered

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