Rejuvenating Retreats

Reactivate your love for Life……reboot your system and refresh yourself.

Deep down, we all long to be fully alive and present in each moment. We want to love and be loved. We want to shine in the world and express all of our gifts.

But we find ourselves trapped in conflict, pain and uncomfortable, destructive emotions. We feel cut off from joy, from our source of aliveness and well-being. In relationships we may feel lost and keep repeating old destructive behaviors, unconsciously recreating the conditions we so want to avoid.

A retreat offers each one the much needed full-immersion "to develop—or deepen—one’s capacity to find stillness of mind and become aware of one’s thoughts.

The concept of physically removing oneself from ordinary distractions gives you a beautiful opportunity to connect more deeply to your core and renew yourself. Getting into nature and taking a break from the usual storylines of your lives gives you the chance to tap into your own deeper consciousness.


Restore balance to your body, mind, and spirit and improve the quality of your life by directing your energy toward what you want to create.
Move through fear and resistance while recognizing your underlying motives by illuminating any dark corners of your being.
Break negative thought patterns at their source with loving kindness.
The powerful experience of the meditations and soul food will make you feel energized, lighter, and enthused about yourself and your life.

Attend one of these retreats as a step to promote harmony and cultivate a deep sense of balance within yourself.

We offer

1) Mini retreats.

These are for a duration of 3- 4 hours and they are held once in two months at a beautiful place which is an hour’s drive from Garden estate, Gurgaon.

In the ceaseless pace of life it is essential to refresh our energy levels . These short breaks are focused on ensuring that your mind can maintain balance and your performance is optimised in every way.

We offer these short retreats:

Deepen the bond with yourself
Detox and restore in silence
Nourish and renew

A retreat gives us the time off that is much needed for re- assessing our inner world of thoughts and feelings. If we focus only on action and performance it is depleting and affects our overall balance, clarity in thoughts and can be dissatisfactory.

Sharing and caring for others requires that we take care of our needs, nourish ourselves - body, mind and soul. A satisfied being is what we all need and it is easy to spread what we have rather than what we believe and know of.

Your well-being should be a priority so you can give your best to your roles effectively.

2) Residential Retreats

These will soon be started and will include lovely meditations, yoga, art therapy, talks and everything to ensure you truly emerge as the YOU of your dreams.

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