Healing Centre

The ‘Centre for Joyful living’ is a space that offers all that you need to feel a deep sense of connect with yourself and your life. It is a space where you find yourself all over again.

So what all do we do here ?

We offer:
1) In-person sessions to understand and help you resolve any conflict in your mind, your body and your life. Our consultations will strengthen you and give you the desired direction.
2) There is a special ‘space for meditation’ where you can walk in and request for a healing meditation. Simply relax and be guided out of all pressures and pains in the moment. You will emerge renewed and refreshed.
The meditations are for all age groups of children and adults.
3) We offer healing with crystals in various ways . Your energy body needs restoration and we use crystals to clear, bring in and replenish whatever is your need so you feel a deep peace.
4)We will soon offer emotional and relationship counselling service which is free and one can call us during distress for support from 10.00am-1.00pm and 3.00pm-6.00pm from Monday- Friday.
5) Our weekly healing day is Sunday where Pratibha facilitates the group to experience deep energy healing with guided meditation. These healing sessions help dissolve your energy blocks in mind, physical body and emotions by submerging you in a powerful energy field and you feel relaxed,calmed and recharged. Regular participation strengthens you to maintain and reflect a calmness in all interactions and enhances the quality of your life overall.
6) Special meditations will be held on festivals and on full moon night to harness the higher vibrations and energize our energy bodies.
7) We do a lot of pro bono work and if you feel we can help someone please leave their details with us and we will surely do what we can.

The services at our centre will offer you all the nourishment you have felt deprived of and will facilitate your feeling whole and complete in every way.


Time of appointments and all our services has to be positively maintained.
On the weekly healing day, all to be seated 5 minutes prior to the specified time to avoid any disturbance and delays. No one can enter once the meditation has begun.
Cell phones must be kept on silent/airplane mode on the healing centre premises.
We do not accept credit card payments

Center Location

Loving life
Garden Estate, Near Guru Dronacharya metro station
DLF, Gurgaon, India (122002)
(+91) 9811023357
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