Loving Life Wellness Centre

The ‘Loving Life Wellness Centre’ is a space that offers all that you need to feel a deep sense of connect with yourself and your life. It is a space where you find yourself all over again.

We offer and facilitate all that is given below and more:

Individual Healing Sessions:

1) In-person sessions to understand and help you resolve any conflict in your mind, your body and your life. Our consultations strengthen you and give you the desired solutions and direction.

2) Aura clearing and healing with crystals Crystals are a powerful source of balanced energy and have a tremendous potential to help our human field realign, balance and strengthen. Each kind of crystal each has its own vibrational level, and adds different qualities and healing to human aura. Your energy body needs restoration and we use crystals to clear, bring in and replenish whatever is your need so you feel a deep peace.

3) Posters with inspirational messages and healing crystals are available for sale at our centre.

Group Sessions For Children/ Adults Groups :

4) Children’s group interactions where they understand and gain clarity about their inner world of thoughts, feelings, emotions. Through story circles and other meaningful and experiential activities, they are helped to develop effective communication skills, decision making capacity, positive behaviour and attitude; shaping a strong personality.
Children emerge confident and happier. Read more.

5) Dance meditation- This meditation involves free body movements to soothing music which enables one, to release any blocks in their mind and body to feel totally at ease with one’s own self. These are guided by our team member and are truly relaxing in every way.

6) Inner strength-building fun/ light hearted workshops of short duration, for children/ adult groups , which incorporate reflective exercises and guided meditations that clear and lighten your mind and body so you feel recharged and renewed.

7) Group Sessions with parents and/or children, including parents who have children with special needs and require extra care and attention for their well-being and growth. Our Child psychologists and Counsellors facilitate these sessions, encouraging healthy and positive family dynamics. Read more.

8) Writing-based workshops help open your senses to the world aroundand inspire you to understand yourself- how your inner stories, emotions are affecting and shaping your persona and life. The sessions encourage mindfulness as they enhance clarity in thoughts, communication and in behaviours.

9) Career Counselling for adolescents: Our psychologists have an assortment of tests and techniques to understand their interests, aptitude and help in gaining clarity to choose careers that match their strength and are intrinsically satisfying. Read More.

10) Outreach programs are being carried out at the Centre and at other venues, even outside Delhi.
These are for the economically weaker section of society.
You may send us details of people or organisations where we can help
Read more..

Inspirational Reflections (IR)

are held at the ‘Loving Life Wellness Centre’- The sessions are introspective and based on wisdom shared with us by the founder of Loving life, Pratibha.
The team facilitates these group interactions where each one talks about how they made simple conscious choices which brought a change in their state and in their life. It is a wonderful way to open up and understand the twists and turns life throws at each one and how it is possible to manoeuvre oneself and remain the driving force that steers life in the direction desired.

The motivating articles from the Inspired Living and the Loving life Inspirations, are chosen for these sessions, to be read, absorbed. During the session, each one shares what message or piece of wisdom they have received from the article.

These weekly sessions help dissolve your energy blocks in mind, physical body and emotions by submerging you in a powerful energy field and you feel relaxed, calmed and recharged. Regular participation strengthens you to maintain and reflect a calmness in all interactions and enhances the quality of your life overall.

Those desirous of receiving updates for IR sessions,
Email: lovinglife@lovinglife.in
SMS or what’s app@9811023357

Please note: On the weekly healing day, the Inspirational Reflections(IR), all to be seated 5 minutes prior to the specified time to avoid any disturbance and delays. No one may enter once the meditation or IR discussion has begun.
Cell phones must be kept on silent/airplane mode on the centre premises.

Team Loving life loves to share their love for life in every possible way and they have the training and expertise that integrates their strength in all they offer. Each course and session with them has the spark to light up your heart and life in subtle ways. The list of our efforts continues to evolve with each passing day so to enlist all we offer isn’t quite possible.

We are happy to conduct the Inspirational meetings, meditation sessions and workshops at a mutually suitable venue. Call us to enquire, meet or to participate in our programs. It will surely be well worth your time and ours in every way.


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