"Healing" doesn't necessarily mean "correction or fixing” of something, but it's about removing the blocks to achieving one's full potential.

Each one of us gets between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, which is between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute. The constant mental traffic of thoughts, acts like a thick filter clogging our inner connect between heart and head. It prevents us from seeing the visible, hearing the spoken and listening to our inner quietness.

An overburdened and anxious mind is a breeding ground for a tangled web of negative emotions and it feels hard to be positive. Constant stress affects the body's endocrine system, causing chemical imbalance and throwing off the systematic functioning of all inner processes. This ultimately results in disease and dysfunction affecting the body and the mind. .

Our healing sessions are about helping people resolve their emotional, physical or spiritual conflicts, so they unite with their strength, their health and joy again. We use integrative, mind–body-based approach and facilitate you to build an awareness about your thoughts and feelings, and maintain strength during all times.

The combination of techniques in our healing approach has proven its value through the amazing life changing shifts felt by our each one of our clients.

Our individual healing sessions cover the spectrum from deep body cell memory to release core emotional holding patterns to the subtler "energy" methods of clearing the aura, and help to bring a closure to the karmic residues and lessons.

Our Healing sessions support your well-being in manifold ways. They help to:

  • Enable clarity and confidence in your everyday life choices to invite happiness & satisfaction, confidence and motivation.
  • Lead a well- balanced life and enhance the natural ability for desired progress in life.
  • Find the cause of any manifested issue in the body and to assist resolving issues at any level of mind, body, and soul to bring overall wellbeing. Some relationships, life situations & even physical debilitations that seem out of context and unchanging are due to past memories and reference points (current or past life). These bring up fears and other emotions that weaken your state of being. Our healing frees you from the detrimental impact of such memories on your current life.

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